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Some people suffer from body odor as a result of poor personal hygiene. This includes failure to wash thoroughly, failure to use deodorants and antiperspirants, etc. Additional contributors to body odor can come from failure to wear fresh clothing, underwear, socks, t-shirts, etc. And finally, poor oral hygiene can cause halitosis (bad breath). The common source of many of these odors is bacteria that are growing in or on the body, such as in the warm and moist area in your armpits or in the gums from improper or no regular oral hygiene.

The above can be described as life-style choices. However, another experience people can sometimes encounter is culturally based. In a country or region where diet includes high concentrates of fish, oysters, prawns, conch, etc, the natural oils that seep through the skin in perspiration from that type of diet body can conflict with the odors from a person of a culture whose diet may be wholly carnivorous, (beef, pork, lamb, etc), as fats and oils from those meats can emit a wholly different odor than seafood. Other diet ingredients, including curry powders, chiles, garlic, asparagus, etc. can also affect the "natural patina" of someone.

And, there is the possibility of odor accumulation in fabrics, especially nylon and polyester clothing. Despite how creatively laundry detergent manufacturers scream that their product removes stains, etc, through cold-water washes, the truth is, removal of accumulated body oils and other odor-retaining soils may require a more vigorous wash cycle, including use of hot water. Sometimes the bad odor you have lingering in your workout clothes, for example, is the odor of bacteria or fungi/yeasts that are not being properly removed during washing in cold water and have begun to build up. It may even require a small amount of chlorine bleach to get rid of odors like these (once and for all) in fabrics when the smell is produced by microorganisms.

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Q: Why do some people smell so bad?
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