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There is no proof that anyone has gone to heaven or, for that matter, any proof that heaven is even real.

This is good too, because there is also no proof that spirits are real as well.

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Q: Why do some spirits go to heaven when they die and some stay here as ghosts?
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If you believe in ghosts is that a sin?

No, ghosts are spirits. Spirits are either angels or demons. Since angels reside in heaven, the spirits on Earth are from another realm.Satan was once an angel who God threw out of Heaven.Satan was given free reign on this Earth.The other angels who were thrown out of heaven with Satan are Demons.So, the ghosts or spirits we encounter here on Earth are really the exiled angels, controlled by Satan.No "ghost" is good...because they are actually Demons serving Satan.AnswerI guess not. The Bible have it's Holy Ghost and the only unforgivable sin in the Bible is to blaspheme the Holy Ghost. No I don't think it is. But I do believe there are good ghosts. Spirits that haven't found the light yet, or have something they need to do on Earth before they go to heaven. There are Demons, but not all spirits are bad. Some could have gotten thrown out of heaven, or some could have never made it.

Are ghosts really mean?

NO ghosts are not mean they need help from us they did not make it to heaven they wont curse they need help some people think ghosts are a cursing thing but they are not they are spirits who need help dont kill the ghosts try to find a way to help them

Are ghosts there?

Well, if you believe in ghosts, your not alone. Many people belive in ghosts but , personal experience is one thing, but scientific evidence is another matter. I personally belive in ghosts, my whole family has been through the experience. Some people believe that ghosts are just lost spirits who failed to make it to the other side (heaven/hell) others claim that ghosts are instead telepathic entities projected into the world from our minds. Their could be ghosts everywhere without anyone knowing it. Because us with our own eyes cant see energy, or spirits.

Can ghosts hurt people?

It is possible. But they must have a large power in them. Which, isn't usually for spirits. Ghosts aren't all mean though. Some are good. Some are here to protect people. Some are here to keep peace. But some are here to create mayhem. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is no proof that ghosts exist. Thus rationally it is impossible for something that is fictional to hurt a person. However people that believe in ghosts may be able to damage themselves by what they believe.

What are some popular unanswered questions about ghosts?

Are they real, are they made of gases or are they really ghosts or spirits? Who was the first ghost if such thing?

What does death mean?

It means someones Passed on. Not living. They can't do anything if they're dead. they can't even breathe. Some people believe, After death we become Ghosts/spirits, Others believe we either go to Heaven or Hell.First off, Learn to spell 'Does' not 'dose' Anyway. It means someones Passed on. Not living. They can't do anything if they're dead. they can't even breathe. Some people believe, After death we become Ghosts/spirits, Others believe we either go to Heaven or Hell.

Is marshall middle school in pomona haunted?

No, it is not. In fact, there is no reliable evidence that any school can be haunted. Sometimes, people are afraid of strange noises or events that they cannot explain, so they think there are ghosts or spirits causing it. But there is no proof that ghosts or spirits are real, even though some people believe in them. And despite what you may have heard, there are no ghosts or spirits haunting your school.

Are there dead people walking around?

A dead person is one who's spirit has left its body, therefore a dead person without its spirit cannot walk around. It is impossible for them to do so. There are spirits that roam the earth (These spirits are not ghosts). Some are the spirits of Satan, while others are righteous spirits who have a special purpose for being here on earth.

Why do ghost contact you?

ghosts contact humans because they want to see what a living soul does. some angry spirits come to humans to abuse them just because they are dead and you are not. restless spirits come to humans for partial help or direction to why it died, how to get to heaven, etc. most spirits are different from themselves, yet most claim to be angry and restless spirits both at the same time. this means that they either call to you so that they can physically harm you, or they physically harm you to get attention so that you can help them. either way, these are all why ghosts contact humans.

Do baptists believe in ghosts?

If the presumed context of "ghosts" are lost souls, then no. We believe that after death, the soul goes out of the body and go to either Heaven or Hell as it's final destination. On the other hand, if the presumed context of "ghosts" are evil spirits/demonic beings, then yes. We believe that these are fallen angels that manipulate the minds of people.

Are black ghosts real?

black ghosts are real. Most of the time black ghosts are either older spirits that dont have enough energy to show who they really are, therefor showing up as a black shadow. And some of the black shadows are other spirits that dont want you to see who they really are, or they may not even be human spirits. So take note, not all black shadows are bad.

Are ghosts evil?

People believe that some ghosts' are spirits from their pass whom have come to guide them on their way in life. Then there are also those who are said to "posses" the power to do evil things. So the answer to question is some ghosts can be evil but some are not.

Do ghosts mess with you sexually?

Some believe that they can & do. Others believe that they are spirits that were never born, or demons.

Who thought that spirits and ghosts roamed countryside?

some people who live in that countryside or relitives of the person that has died

What The ghosts actually exist or is it all a lie?

Popeye said that he used to be afraid of ghosts and spirits until he found out that there aren't any. Actually there are some.

Are there frendly ghosts?

Yes, however beware there are some ghosts/spirits that can pass off as friendly spirits to gain your trust and then cause you hell. Its sometimes hard to tell if a ghost/spirit is friendly or unfriendly making it dangerous for you to let one in youre home regardless of the fact. You must have a strong connection to the next dimensions to tell the difference with some ghosts/spirits so its best to make sure you are very very aware to prevent chaos.

What are the release dates for Ruin the Internet Comedy - 2011 Some Ghosts Go to Heaven 1-17?

Ruin the Internet Comedy - 2011 Some Ghosts Go to Heaven 1-17 was released on: USA: 17 October 2011

Are ghosts dangerous?

some of them are BUT THE TRUTH IS THERES NO SUCH THING AS GHOSTS, only spirits and demons, so be careful. well ghosts are not real. spirits are not dangerous because they arent demons. demons are dangerous and like to turtore us humans because they came from h.e double hockey sticks!!!!!!!! i would say it butttttttt i wont!!!!!!

How can if your dead?

Technically when you are dead you have the capability to do nothing. Unless you believe in ghosts. Ghosts are spirits, troubled spirits in search of revenge, or to fulfil something they were not able to do in there past life. Mow if you believe in Haven some or most people (Including me) think dead people are able to watch over you after death.

Can a house be hunted by 2 different spirits?

Yes. Watch "Haunted" it shows houses that were haunted by ghosts, some of them had 2 "Hunters".

What is a trick to find where ghosts are around you?

Technically speaking, i DO believe in ghosts, but the correct term would probably be 'spirits'. Some of the world's best spirit trackers have not yet been able to gather enough evidence of a ghost or a spirit in sight. So, i suppose there are no tricks to find a ghost or a spirit. Companies do make technologies to find ghosts or spirits, but most of them are only 50% accurate.

Can you communicate with spirits in heaven on the ouija board?

Depending on the belief, some believe that it is possible while others believe that once a spirit enters the Kingdom of Heaven, that spirits cannot communicate back. It's a matter of personal belief whether this is a possibility or not.

Is morrow middle school haunted?

No, it is not. There is no evidence that any school is haunted. Sometimes, people hear strange noises and think it is ghosts or spirits, but this is a belief, and it is often based on fear. There is no proof that ghosts or spirits exist, even though some people do believe in them. Therefore, do not worry because your school is not haunted.

Do ghost get mad if you record them?

Certain spirits, or ghosts, would get mad if you recorded them in some kind of way they didn't like. It really depends on the nature of the spirit, because spirits have personalities, because they are probably people who have died.

Why do some people think Halloween is bad?

Some object to the ghosts and witchcraft that are part of the lore of Halloween, because there is still a belief in evil spirits and demons, as in the case of exorcisms.