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Why do the police sometimes respond to the scene of a fire or disaster?

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They need to find the source of the disaster, interview witnesses, crowd control, & traffic control. Fighting crime isn't the only function of the police. AND:The police respond to an incident because they handle police duties. The fire department handles fire/rescue duties and the EMT's redpond for EMS duties. Most places have the fire and EMS together to save on staffing,resources, etc. If there is a shooting you need police to stop the shooter, control the crowd, investigate the crime. The Fire/EMS are there to take care of the victim of the shooting. At an auto accident the police direct traffic, investigate, etc. The fire department treats people with injuries, removes safely from vehicles etc.. There are 2 distinct roles and you can divide Fire/Rescue and EMS into two different groups also.

2008-01-01 20:46:39
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Q: Why do the police sometimes respond to the scene of a fire or disaster?
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How does police keeps us safe?

Police keep us safe by deterring crime. The problem with the police is that 9 times out of time they will respond to the scene following a crime to take report versus being their to prevent it from happening. Further, because many criminals know a investigation by police can lead to their arrest it deters them from committing a crime in some instances. However this does not fully protect society. Therefore the police cannot protect society. It is a respond and report service.

What is a police eoc?

EOC = Emergency Operations Center. Usually an abbreviation referring to the Communications Center or to a mobile incident command center set up temporarily at the scene of a major crime or disaster.

When is a Photo lineups not needed by police?

when the perp is caught at the scene or identified at the scene...............

What is a sentence with scene?

The police arrived on the scene minutes after the 911 call was made.

Who is the first to arrive at a crime scene?

the police

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I carefully surveyed the disaster scene, looking for my date.

How far can police push on lookers back to secure a police protected scene?

As far as is necessary to preserve the scene. There's isn't an actual legal limit.

What sentence can you use for scene of the crime?

The police followed the muddy footprints back to the scene of the crime.

How do police get their evidence?

recover it from a person or crime scene

Why do police tape of the crime scene?

To preserve evidence

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on scene

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This is a very broad question but in a nutshell police look at a crime scene for clues and evidence to suggest how the crime occurred and by whom.

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What do police do about car crashes?

If called to the scene, they respond - determine if there are any injuries - call for fire and EMS assistance if necessary - direct traffic if necessary - and investigate the cause (if the collision falls within the reporting parameters for their department).

Who documents evidence at a crime scene?

Police and or The Forensic Technician.

Who is the first person to arrive at the scene of an illness or injury?

the police

What does csi mean in police work?

Crime Scene Investigation

What do policemen and firemen have in common?

Fireman and police really have nothing in common. Except for the fact that they respond to emergency. Fireman cannot and do not have the authority to arrest someone like police officers do. Both firemen and police officers are considered a paramilitary force, and that is a key characteristic they share. Additionally, they both act with some kind of civil authority in situations where they have that authorization. As a single example, fire fighters and police officers converging on a traffic accident had different responsibilities at the same emergency scene, but both forces are "in charge" of their portions of scene management and activity.

Can a finger print left at a crime scene help the police catch the criminal?

Yes it can it will help the police find out who was there

Do you need to be a police officer first before becoming a crime scene investigator?

I dont know about other states, but in Illinois you have to be a police officer for 2 years before you can become a crime scene investigator. I don't know about other states, but in Illinois you have to be a police officer for 2 years before becoming a crime scene investigator.

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Instantly, the police appeared on the scene.

What does a police men do?

An average police man simply must respond to calls made by people in a certain area or jurisdiction. If not on a call, a police man may walk a beat(mainly) in a city) or patrol an area in a police car. There are also things they may do at the station, such as answering 9-1-1 calls and dispatching the correct personnel to the scene or crime. Their main job is to keep order and maintain civil peace.

What does a scene of crime officer do?

examine crime scenes to collect evidence. Although SOCOs are not police officers, they are employed by police forces and work closely with the police.