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Why do the power windows on a 2000 Chevy 4 door pickup work on control panel but not at door switches?



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There could be several reasons, and possibly dozens of failure points in the circuits. However, due to the fact that the question implies that ALL windows can be operated from the master control panel suggests one glaring probability. Many power window systems have a safety function designed and built into the system so that passengers, particularly children, cannot operate the windows [this is usually also true for power door locks]. This is accomplished by a switch [a "slide" type, but sometimes a "rocker" type] on the master control panel, which disables the "slave" switches at the individual doors. IF this switch is in the override position, the door switches are inactivated, and can be reactivated by moving the override switch to its "other" position.j3h. check that master switch is not locked if they are not locked then you likely need a new master switch or all your other door switches are bad check master switch first