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First, please understand that rear brakes do not work as hard as front brakes. The ratio of working is 60% front brakes and 40% rear brakes. Therefore, they do not wear out as quickly. Is this your observation and reason for asking the question? Second, if your rear brakes really are not working, you will experience a longer distance to come to a complete stop. Are you experiencing this? If so, then you really do have a problem with your rear brakes. You will have to check that the brake fluid is flushed (old brake fluid gathers moisture from the air and does not work as well) and you will have to check to see if any of the rear brake parts are "frozen" -stuck in place so that they do not squeeze the brake drum or disk. Please let me know how it goes. Your colleague in New Jersey

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Q: Why do the rear brakes on a 1992 Volvo seam to not work?
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