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Why do you blow a fuse on your 1997 jeep chreokee when you turn the ignition and the car wont start?

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May 28, 2007 4:43PM

Here's an answer that is certainly not specific to this vehicle, but common to anything with an electrical system that starts using a battery (cars, trucks, busses). This answer (an educated guess) makes two assumptions: (a) your battery has a weak charge, either because it is old and worn out, or because something (leaving the lights on) drained its charge; and (b) you've got a fuse in the car whose circuit contains a bit more load (equipment) than the fuse can handle under ALL conditions. (b) could come about because equipment (e.g., stereo) has been added to the car. So, here goes: when the voltage in the car's electrical system is low (as when starting with a weak battery charge), everything (electrical equipment) in the car that is on when the ignition key is on (as when starting) "pulls" harder on the system's wiring and fuses (technically, it draws more amperes of current). Here's what to do to make things better. Obviously, replace the fuse, BUT when replacing it: (a) do NOT replace that fuse with a higher-rated one, unless; (b, and you should do this "b" regardless) you check what rating the fuse in the position in question SHOULD be (usually, a diagram under the lid of the fuse box will tell you), and find that the position is SUPPOSED to contain a fuse of a higher rating. Now, to KEEP things working: (a) check the battery and its charge state. It will either have a good charge, in which case forget everything I've said, or it will have a weak charge, in which case get it charged back up and see if, for example, you had just let the car sit too long unused (which drains the battery). If not, you need to replace the battery; and (b) when SHUTTING DOWN your running car, always turn OFF all equipment that you can, so it will be off when you come along later to start the car (fewer fuses will blow AND the car will be more likely to start). Turn off the radio, headlights, and any added-on equipment you might have on the car. Hope this helps.