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the best advise that i could give you is to look for a vin number on that engine. go to a local auto parts store and they be able to tell you what year the engine is.

2006-07-20 22:49:02
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Where is the throttle position sensor on a 2003 Chevrolet suburban?

The throttle position sensor on a 2003 Chevrolet Suburban is located on the side of the throttle body. It notifies the vehicle's computer of the actual position of the throttle plate in relation to the throttle body.

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Circuit Description The commanded throttle position (TP), based on accelerator pedal position (APP) and possibly other limiting factors, is compared to the actual throttle position. The powertrain control module (PCM) monitors the commanded and actual throttle position. This DTC sets if the PCM detects the condition. The throttle by wire technology is great but the throttle position sensor is a common failure in the 2002 + Trailblazers. - True Enthusiasts helping others!

When replacing the throttle position sensor switch will you have to re-adjust the throttle body?

On the cars I've worked on, you don't have to adjust anything. Sometimes you have to rotate the actual TPS and then screw it in once it's resistance is where it should be... but I don't see why you would have to do anything to the throttle body itself.

What is the actual horse power of a 440 magnum engine?

Depends on the year a model vehicle it is installed in.

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Before we get into timing and whatnot, let me just ask what the actual observed know problem and/or symptoms are.

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For that you will need to get a chilton or Haynes manual, it was option on the Mustangs created after the actual car was built, people could have it installed as an add on.For that you will need to get a chilton or Haynes manual, it was option on the Mustangs created after the actual car was built, people could have it installed as an add on.

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Where is throttle position sensor for a Renault clio 1.2 16v 2003?

its the actual throttle pedal. It is bolted in by 3 10mm bolts which you will need a deep socket to undo. Once that is un-done you can get to the sensor components by undoing the 5 x-headed screws.

What would cause cruise control not to work on 2000 forester with manual trans. ALL fuses are good?

Another thing to check is the actual cable from the cruise control module to the throttle body. It will be right next to the accelerator cable on the throttle body.

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Not the least bit recommended You need a vehicle with an actual frame.

Why would the throttle on your 2000 Ford Focus be sticking?

the reason the throttle would be sticking on your focus is that it (the actual unit) could be dirty. or the throttle cable could have dirt in its casing. what you need too do is remove the throttle cable and spray engine degreaser in the casing and hang it up too let the dirt and grime drip from it. be sure to use wd-40 to relubricate the cable. now as of the throttle body do the same thing. but use a non abrasive cloth and wipe the unit clean. make sure there is no dirt in any small cracks or crevises.

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the throttle wheel on the throttle body has a damper upto and is much easier to get to and i can get that to solve my gto idling/stalling at lights issue but if you need the actual. then underneith the throttle wheel this pic shows the screw to the left. looks like its holding nothing in. but thats your adjuster screw

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