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I use too much salt

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Why do you feel clammy and break out in a light sweat after eating a breakfast like pancakes or cream of wheat?

Do you have any gastric symptoms? You may have a wheat allergy or wheat sensitivity.

Why can sodium chloride produce light?

Sodium chloride is not a source of light.

What is the wavelength of a sodium light?

The wavelenght of sodium light is 6 x 10^-7 m

When was the first street light used?

it is used by sodium. Because sodium is used in light bulbs

What songs have the word sodium in the title?

Sodium Light Baby, by The The.

Which light is used in newtons rings?

sodium light

Is sodium a light metal or heavy metal?


Would a light bulb light up when placed in an aqueous solution of sodium chloride but not solid sodium chloride?


Break light don't come on?

signal and break light don't come on

Light given of by sodium vapor?

The light given by sodium vapor depends on whether it is a low-pressure or high-pressure lighting system. Low pressure sodium lamps produce a yellow-green light and are less-common today, while high-pressure sodium-halogen produces an orange light. Both types of sodium lighting uses the element sodium, which is heated by a current flow until it becomes luminescent.

How might a modern owner make a castle's room less clammy?

By putting air condition, putting in some light and to remodel the room.

What is the wavelength of sodium light?


What is present in salt water that makes a light bulb light?


Which s the most monochromatic light?

light from sodium vapour lamb

What is Sodium content in Bud Lite Lime Beer?

There is no sodium in bud light lime

Why is sodium called a photosensitive metal?

It is so small that when sodium is exposed to the sun light, the energy of sun light is enough to cause the ionization of sodium metal. Hence it is called a photo-sensitive metal.

What element emits a yellow light?


Does Bud Light contain sodium nitrate?

No. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is used in the brewing process, but sodium nitrate is not included.

How much sodium in coors light beer?

13 mg of sodium per 12 oz can

What is light given off by an electric discharge through sodium vapor?

The electric discharge excit sodium atoms and a light with the wavelength 589,3 nm is emited.

Is sodium a light metal?

Yes. Sodium is a light, alkali metal that oxidizes easily in air, and reacts with water to form sodium hydroxide (in an energetic reaction). It's density at room temperature is about 0.968 g/mL.

Why does the brake indicator light stay on in a S10 pickup?

The brake indicator light is for the EMERGENCY break, release this break.

Break lights don't work. But the center break light does?

Check the brake light fuse and the bulbs.

What does sodium taste like?

Sodium taste likes Salt, It is used for baking, salt and light bulbs

Can you use a led lamp in a 100w sodium fixture?

Probably not. Sodium light fixtures generally have a "ballast".

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