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Why do you feel so fat?

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I don't

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Can sodium make you fat?

sodium is salt, so it makes you retain water, which makes you bloat so you will feel fat, not necessarily look fat.

What is the past principle of eat?

oh man i feel so fat

When you've just eaten do you feel full or fat?

you feel FAT

Why do fat girls think their so hot?

They act like that just so they feel better about themselves

What does elephant do for a cold?

Nothing. As he is Fat and his metabolic rate is fast. So he does not feel cold.

Why do elderly people need fat in their diet?

they need energy so they can live and feel healthy

Why fat people dont feel much cold than thin people?

fat people tend to feel warmer than thin people because in everyone there is a layer of fat which insulates the body.In fat people there is a thicker layer of fat hence they will feel warmer as a pose thin people who have a thin layer of fat

Why are escalators important?

so people with dissabilities can get up to high places. and so fat people feel happy in this world :D

Why is ice cream so creamy?

Fat content gives ice cream the smooth mouth feel.

Is 5'7 154 considered fat?

No not really I wouldn't but it just depends if it is all fat then yeah you are fat, but if it is muscle than no I guess not, but actually you probably are fat bc I am 5'7 and weigh 138 and feel big so it must be hard for you.

When was Feel It - Fat Larry's Band album - created?

Feel It - Fat Larry's Band album - was created in 1976.

Does getting depressed make you feel like that you are fat?

Being fat can make you feel depressed. This can be true for vice versa also.

Twelve year old female 5 and 2 weight about 120 you feel so fat sometimes and sometimes feel good about your looks but not the fat are you fat?

noDepends on your body structure and what you eat. But, whatever size, color, structure, etc. you are you should still love yourself. not fat at all! my friend is that exactly and i think shes got a cute body! she doesnt think so, but id be grateful to weigh that much! (though im 5'7" so i dont think that would work so well)

Why does myself feel fat and sassy?

cuz u r fat and sassy

How do you tell if a Jack Russell is fat?

You should be able to feel their ribs easily, if not, they are fat. If you can just about feel them, then they're not exactly fat but I would just calm them down on their food intake

Why obese feel irritable?

Well I would say obese people are so irritable because they are so uncomfortable. they are uncomfortable with themselves, feeling bloated and not looking good to themselves. They also probably hate being "fat". Having there stomach feel bloated is very annoying but fat is mostly noticed in the stomach so being able to feel your stomach all the time makes you think you are fat so that would make anyone mad Also they get tired easier. It is worse when they have a thin friend because they wish they were them and hat there selves. that is how come they are so irritable.

How do people feel when they have an eating disorder?


If a woman who is getting fat asks you if she looks fat what should you say?

Best bet is to let her answer . Say " I don't think so. Why? Do your clothes feel tight? " Then she can mull that over for herself.

Why do fat people where tight clothes?

I feel that a lot of fat people are in denial. They think they're thin when in reality they're not. So they think they still look good in tight clothes.

Your dad makes you feel fat but you are not?

that's what my dad does im not fat im tall and strong and but his family are skinny freaks so id rather overweight than terribly skinny

Why does everyone hate fat people?

Because people dislike themselves so they must demean others to feel better.

Why are hamburgers so good?

Fat, Fat, fat Fat. :P

When I am on my period I eat obsessively and get bloated and fat and feel depressed about it but I can't stop so can anyone help me?

You have to find the will to not eat as much

How many ribs can you feel?

Depends on how fat/muscled you are.

What is the best fat joke?

You're so fat you're on both sides of the family. You're so fat that I can out of petrol driving round you. HHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. you're so fat your blood type is o-reo you're so fat you have to iron your clothes on the freeway you're so fat they had to baptise you at sea world you're so fat you have to play pool with the planets you're so fat your name is MATT MCCANN