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alcohol messes with blood sugars, sleep paterns, digestive enzymes....

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because drinking alcohol will lower mess with ya brain cells and youll have an hangover

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Q: Why do you get hangovers after drinking alcohol?
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Does drinking a soda help with hangovers?

no, only time and lots of drinking water will help

How do you know your teen is drinking alcohol?

Well speaking from experience the most obvious signs would be hangovers in the next day. Just watch them after they come home from a sleep over.

Does drinking pickle juice help you to lose weight?

helps you with hangovers

Do dopamine levels drop to lower than before drinking after sobering up meaning does drinking alcohol deplete dopamine to below whatever level is normal for an individual?

Dopamine levels drop below normal after sobering up from a night of drinking. This contributes to hangovers.

How do you prevent hangovers?

Don't drink alcohol! I'm getting good at this Or drink twice as much caffeine as you do alcohol.

Can spirits cure hangovers?

Yes, part of the symptoms of a hangover are from alcohol withdrawl, so consuption of more alcohol will counteract this.

Why do greasy breakfasts cure hangovers?

A greasy breakfast will sometimes cure a hangover because the stomach is usually empty after a night out drinking. Eating and getting the stomach full helps to quell the acid in the stomach caused by the alcohol.

How can you resist the pressure to drink alcohol?

just think of the hangovers and the all the things that can happen if you have alot of it.

Does anyone out there have any tips on prevention of haedaches or hangovers?

either dont start or dont stop drinking..

how to stop them from drinking alcohol ?

how to stop them from drinking alcohol

What are the short terms affects of alcohol misuse?

Feelings of pleasure if consumed in moderation.

What is the negative connotation of drinking?

When you say "drinking", it carries the connotation of drinking alcohol, drinking alcohol to excess, and becoming addicted to it.