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Run a compression test and see how #3 stacks up. Possible burnt valve or blown head gasket.

Check your plug again on cylinder 3. Sometimes you can crack the plug installing it.

You also can check cylinder 3 injector.

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What is obd code p0304?

Cylinder #4 misfireCylinder #4 misfire

What does code p0304 ford explorer 2005?

A misfire has been detected in engine cylinder # 4

2000 ford explorer code PO304?

Code P0304: Misfire at cylinder 4 detected.

What is the diag code p0305 on a 1999 ford explorer?

# 5 engine cylinder - misfire detected

What does the error code P0302 mean?

Cylinder #2 misfire.Cylinder #2 misfire.

What is random cylinder misfire?

It means that more than one cylinder has a misfire history. PO301 would be cylinder number 1 misfire. PO302 would be number 3 cylinder misfire.

2001 ford explorer sport diagnostic codes P0304?

the code p0304 is cylinder 4 misfire detected

P0303 cylinder 3 misfire 99 olds intrigue what is that bad spark plug or what?

Try replacing the plugs and wires

What is a multiple misfire on a car?

Misfire on more than one cylinder. Start by replacing your plugs and plug wires. If that does not solve the problem, run a compression test to determine if you have a burnt valve.

What is a 300 code for your 2000 Ford Explorer 6-cylinder?

P0300 - Random Misfire . P0300 indicates multiple cylinders are misfiring or the PCM cannot identify which cylinder is misfiring .

2001 Chrysler town and country check engen light code po300 po303 po306?

po300-Random/multiple cylinder misfire detected. po303-Cylinder no. 3 misfire detected. po306-cylinder no. 6 misfire detected po300-Random/multiple cylinder misfire detected. po303-Cylinder no. 3 misfire detected. po306-cylinder no. 6 misfire detected

What does code p0303 mean for 2003 Chrysler pt cruiser?

Cylinder number three misfire.Cylinder number three misfire.

What is code P0304 on a Chrysler PT Cruiser?

Misfire detected in cylinder number four.Misfire detected in cylinder number four.

Why do you keep getting a 6 Cylinder misfire after changing plugs and wires multiple times on a 1999 explorer xlt?

How is your coil pack ?

What vehicle identification numbers have the engine misfire for the 2005 Chevrolet Colorado?

Stop by there are different people that have had that problem. you can probably message them personally and see how they got to that problem. P0300= Random/ multiple cylinder misfire detected P0301= Misfire detected- cylinder #1 P0302= Misfire detected- cylinder #2 P0303= Misfire detected- cylinder #3 P0304= Misfire detected- cylinder #4 p0305= Misfire detected- cylinder #5 P.S. These are Diagnostic trouble codes, not vechicle id numbers.

What is code P0300 Random Misfire Detected P0302 and P0303 on a 2000 Toyota Tundra?

Random misfire, cylinder 2 misfire, and cylinder 3 misfire. see related question below.

What does trouble code 0304?

P 0304 (M) CYLINDER #4 MISFIRE Misfire detected in cylinder #4

What is Lincoln LS misfire code P0308?

Misfire in Cylinder No. 8.

How do i tell which cylinder is the right cylinder for a 2012 Kia Rio for checking misfire on cylinder 4?

What does error code p0301 means for a Ford Taurus 2003?

P0301 is cylinder number one misfire detected.P0301 is cylinder number one misfire detected.

How do you fix a cylinder 3 misfire on a ford explorer?

If cylinder 3 on a Ford Explorer is misfiring, it might be possible to fix it by changing the coil pack for that cylinder. The spark plug might also need to be taken out and re-gapped or replaced. If neither of these options work, the spark plug wire can be checked.

What does the po303 code mean on a 2001 Ford Explorer sport trac?

The # 3 engine cylinder has a misfire On a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac the engine cylinder locations are numbered firewall 3 - 6 2 - 5 1 - 4 front of vehicle

How do you fix codes P0301 and P0304 on a dodge dakota?

Cylinder 1 and cylinder 4 misfire.See related question for more info.Cylinder 1 and cylinder 4 misfire.See related question for more info.

What is the problem code p0308 on 01 durango?

Cylinder #8 misfire.See related question below.Cylinder #8 misfire.See related question below.

What does P0302 mean for a 04 Dodge truck?

Misfire on cylinder #2See related question below.Misfire on cylinder #2See related question below.