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Why do you hate your ex wife so much?

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my bank account's pretty grim right now...thanks a bunch for bringing back memories.

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If your pregnant with your boyfriend who cheated on you with his ex-girlfriend who hate you so much?


Is an ex-wife considered a surviving spouse?

An ex-wife ceases to be a spouse the moment they become an ex-, so no.

why do i hate you so much?

because you is a virgin

What can you do if the current wife is jealous of the ex-wife?

well from a womans prospective i would have your current wife meet ur ex so she can see that maybe she can see ur ex is harmless to your relationship..and maybe they could even become friends..or enemies!!

Who is bishop noel jones ex-wife?

That's a no-brainer. For-cryin'-out-loud! His ex-wife would be the lady he used to be married to. Nosey poeple can be so stupid sometimes.

Is it possible to love someone so much you hate them?

Only if you hate yourself for loving them so much maybe...

Why do emo's get so much hate?

Haters gonna hate

Why are boys so afraid of girl cuties and what are they?

boys are Stupid. I hate my EX now he said I had cuties..... like I said.....boys are annoying. really its just a childish game its so stupid and shouldn't you already hate your EX i mean hes you EX and boys aren't stupid

Why do i dream about my ex when i hate him?

You usually dream of stuff that your brain is trying to get rid of. You might hate him but the thought that u hate him remains in your head so that's why your dreaming about him.

Is there any difference in order between ex- and former?

Most dictionaries don't make a distinction between the two words. "Ex" is defined as "former" and "former" is defined as "ex"! So what is the difference between an "ex-Wife" and a "former Wife"? Some scholars argue that the word "ex" should be used with the immediate past incumbent. According to these individuals, there can be only one ex-Wife. Who was the Ex-Wife of Mr. ABC before Ms. Jenny? It was Ms. Diana. So, she is the ex-wife of Mr.ABC. And all the others - Ms. Nehna, Samant, Indira Goopal, and Mr. Ranee Gandhi - are the "former" wifes. A man may have several former wives, but only one ex-wife.

What dose it mean when you dream about your ex?

It prabably means that you are still in love with your ex, or you just hate them so much that you can't get them off your mind, you could just be obsessed... my best guess would be that you are still in love with them...

My brother divorced his wife so after the divorce do I still refer to his ex wife as my sister-in-law?


Why is your ex wife being so nice to you?

because she still loves you

Can you stop your ex wife from taking your child hunting?

You can ask the court to do so, but you are not likely to be successful as long as your ex-wife has legal custody and your child has a hunting license.

Does Simon Hate Jeanette?

Yes! Yes He Does Hate Her So Much

Why do you hate Kobe Bryant so much?

He is not faithful to his wife! He likes chasing girls! His skull is also oval shaped!i like LeBron James!

Why is my ex wife so jealous?

probably you work as hard as her or you set goals.

Why do people hate animals so much?

They hate them so much because they don't understand that animal are really important to most people in life.

How did you know your ex still love and care for you?

They pretend to hate you, so no one "notices" that they still like you.

What does it mean if he never mentions his ex girlfriend but keeps calling you by his ex wife's name?

He was married and use to calling his wife by her name and (a habit) and his ex girlfriend was probably not as long a relationship as he had with his wife so it's purely a slip of the tongue.

Is Lacey Chabert a Christian?

I hope so...she is like my ex-wife. Beautiful!!

Your husband tells you that you are a burden because you don't make as much money as his ex wife We have been married for three years and he still calls you her name Why do you think that is?

If he talks about her so much tell him to go back to her or ask him why he did not stay with her if she was such a treasure! Sounds to me that your husband is still emotional involved with his ex wife or would like to return to her in some way or another.

What if your ex husbands wife was mean to him how can you keep him from taking it out on you?

do nice things for him so he wont be mad at you so he will be happy

Why keep contact with ex-boyfriends?

You Should Keep contact with your ex-boyfriends so you guys dnt hate each other it's the rite thing to do

How can you tell if his love for you means more to him than the love he had for his ex-wife?

You can't consume yourself in what his love was for his ex-wife, but take the love he is giving you in present time or he might start to feel his love is being neglected because of his past. If that happens, he may stop giving his love altogether. So long as he isn't constantly reminiscent of her and comparing you to her, you shouldn't worry about it so much or compare yourself to her.