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The reason why you have to charge a new phone for 8 hours before you first use it is to allow the battery to completely charge. This is what the manufacturers recommend. It usually does not take 8 hours for the battery to be full so you can unplug the charger when it is fully charged.

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Q: Why do you have to charge the phone 8 hours for first use?
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How did you use the first phone ever invented?

AnswerWell it was kind of hard to use because you could only ring for 35 min (because the first ever invented phone you couldn't text) then you had to charge it for 10 hours. The person who invented the first ever cell phone was Dr Martin Cooper. The first ever invented phone was very big as well so it was pretty hard to use.

How do you charge a cell phone battery?

Use the plug that came with the cell phone, plug it in both ends and wait around 5 hours then it will be full.

How long does your brand new phone have to charge before you can use it?

usually 2-3 hours or 5-6

Do you have to charge the LG dare for 24 hours on its first charge?

all mobile phone use lithium batteries they don't need to be primed it stemmed from the days we had ni cad batteries which needed to be primed to make shure it was in top form, you had to charge it up for about 18 hours discharge it then charge it as normal. lithium batteries do not need this they do not suffer from the so called memory effect just charge it up as normal

How can you charge your phone without the charger?

Yes there are ways to charge your phone without a charger. This way I use sometimes. It's not really safe for people to use if they don't watch the video so go to and enter in how do you charge a phone without a charger and click on the first one where there is a guy showing you how to do it. It works and it's fast. A lot of people use this method!!

Mobile Phone Battery?

It is important to know how to properly use your mobile phone battery. When you receive your mobile phone, be sure and read the manual on exactly how to care for the battery. Most batteries require that you charge them for a certain amount of hours before beginning use of the phone. If it does not receive the correct initial battery charge, then it could cause it to have poor battery life for the duration of owning the phone.

How long does it take for the lg cookie to charge before you can use it for the first time?

12 hours

Extending the Life of a Cordless Phone Battery?

A cordless phone battery lasts longer if consumers follow basic rules for use. It is important to charge it the number of hours recommended by the manufacturer. If a brand new phone is not charged fully prior to the first use, the battery life is diminished right out of the box. Another way to preserve battery life is to avoid leaving the cordless phone exposed to extreme temperatures.

How long should you charge your pantech laser out of box?

usually 2 to 3 hours first use

How do you charge a phone?

Use a charger.

What shoud you use If you spend many hours on the phone at a help desk?

If you spend many hours on the phone at a help desk, use a headset instead of a regular phone

Can you use a LG charger to charge a Samsung phone?

I do.

Can you use phone charger to charge kindle?


How long to charge samsung keystone2 first time?

I would recommend charging for a minimum of 12 hours for the first time. This enables the battery to 'condition' itself for use.

What happens if you use 6 volt adapter on 9 volt phone?

The phone will never charge.

How do you charge a 3rd generation iPod Shuffle?

to charge an ipod shuffle third generation when you buy it it come with a cable which you plug into your P.C and it will charge you must charge after 12 hours of use and it will take round about 4 hours to charge.

What kind of phone from sprint can you use a charge card on?


Can you use a 10v phone charger instead of using a 12v charger?

You can - but it will take longer for the phone to charge.

How often do use charge an ipod?

i often charge it once a week, but of course, it depends on how much you use it. if you use it for twenty four hours straight, then you will definitely need to charge it more often... :)

Can you use Samsung phone charger to charge Samsung camera?


Can you use AT and T phone in Italy?

Yes, you can, but of course AT&T would charge you with the roaming fees. But if you are looking into using a local SIM card in Italy, then you would need to unlock your AT&T phone first.

Where does Verizon fios get its power from?

FIOS powers it's fiber with a battery-back up system. Apon losing commercial power, it instantly transfers to a battery inclosued in a housing near the ONT. The battery life is claimed to be for 8(eight) hours of non-use, dissipating through the use of the phone. You can still use your phone line through the power outage, but the more you use the phone, you lose the 8(eight) hour charge.

How much does the Internet Phone Vonage charge for the first year of use?

Internet Phone Vonage currently has a deal. The first three months are $9.99 and the following months are $25.99. If a person is interested, they have to sign a one year contract. This means that a person would pay about $264 during the first year.

How much does it cost to use Monster IE?

The cost of using Monster IE depends on your cell phone provider. Monster IE itself does not charge for the use, but your cell phone carrier may charge a monthly subscription fee for using it.

How many hours would the iPad last on full charge?

6-8 hours of average use.