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Liability insuranceIn the Unites States, a landowner can sometimes be held liable for certain occurrences on the owned land.

A Landowner is typically NOT held liable for the actions of tenants. This is what Renters Insurance is for. A Tenant can purchase property and liability insurance on a tenants policy. A property owner also is Typically NOT liable for the actions of criminals or others that may have entered your property illegally.

So while its a good idea to maintain some type of Liability Insurance for Vacant Land to cover some occurrences where the owner might be liable. One should not presume that the property owner is liable for anything and everything that might occur on the property.

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Q: Why do you need liability insurance on land you do not use?
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Attorneys use Professional Liability Insurance. Often referred to as Legal Liability Insurance

How do you get rottweiler liability insurance?

Just use your favorite search engine and look for "Pet Liability Insurance".

Do motorcycles licensed for street use still need liability insurance coverage?

Yes. Off road vehicles do not require insurance.

What type of insurance is needed for vacant land owned by your HOA?

If there is no lien on the property, the HOA's general liability insurance should cover any liability arising from the use of the land. If the HOA isn't formal and isn't incorporated it probably doesn't have any insurance. I would consider obtaining some. Consult the HOA's legal counsel for advice for your area.

Is aircraft insurance provided under a general liability policy?

For commercial insurance, the ISO GL form excludes liability from the use, ownership, etc. of aircraft. You would need to buy separate coverage from an insurer that sells aircraft insurance. Many insurers use this form as-is, or stick very close to it in their own forms.

Where online can one get a public liability insurance policy?

One can buy a public liability insurance policy online from many insurance companies. These include Hiscox, Axa Liability Insurance and Endsleigh. One can use comparison sites such as Compare The Market to compare prices and conditions.

What company is the leader for commercial liability insurance?

Commercial Liability Insurance is a must when you own a construction business. I would suggest you use Boggus Insurance Company. They are one of top leaders in the field.

Who offers liability insurance for marketing advertising consultants?

Most likely the coverage you need is called "Professional Liability Insurance". Just look in your local phone book or use an online search engine to search for the appropriate coverage type.

Do you need insurance if your company sells a hair gel but does not actually make the hair gel or could you just go on the manufacturer's insurance?


How do you use liability in a sentence?

The injury made him a liability to the squad. Liability insurance will normally pay claims by other drivers if you have an accident.

How can insurance liability be used against you?

Insurance liability is found in different scenarios, but for this example I will use Auto Insurance liability. Most automobile lenders require anyone with an auto loan to have insurance liability. This means if you cause an accident while operating your vehicle, you may be made liable to pay the costs of damages and medical bills. While insurance liability is a good thing to have, especially if you are the one who is the victim of an accident, it can also be a costly, though necessary thing to have.

What exactly does liability insurance cover Is it worth paying for this if I'm starting a company?

It would definitely be worth getting liability insurance for your new business. It is in place to protect businesses from being sued by a third party due to negligence. Having liability insurance is a must for any business. Liability insurance, or business insurance, protects your company against lawsuits that claim you failed to use reasonable care.

What kind of insurance do you need for henna tattoos?

You NEED public liability insurance (if you are mobile) and public liability and buildings liability if working from a salon (or at festivals for your festival tent). you cannot get insurance for BLACK HENNA as it is very unsafe and no-one in the UK would insure you to use it It also helps if you have FULL RISK ASSESSMENTS to cover you in any case of a person claiming. And health and hygiene in your work place is important too.

what exactly is commercial general liability?

Commercial general liability is a type of insurance that major companies use to insure their businesses. You would need this so if a client got hurt you would be covered for out of pocket expenses.

What is home insurance?

Home Insurance is Insurance coverage for your house, condo or apartment for your personal property and liability coverage for you. The insurance coverage for your house is also called homeowners insurance. The Homeowners isurance is an insurance package that has coverage for the dwelling, the others structures on your property, Loss of Use, Medical Payments and Personal Liability.

Where to get general liability policy for general contractor?

Contact a licensed commercial insurance agent in your area. It will be able to assist you if it do not sell the particular coverage you need by referring you to another broker. Do a search for general liability insurance for your state and hundreds of agents will show up. Make sure you use a contractor insurance specialist however.

Where to get liability insurance in NYC?

You can get it anywhere you want. Just use your phone book, check on line or ask your current insurance agent.

Could a cleaning service use a liability waiver in place of insurance if were not planning to hire employees?


What type of liability insurance can you get to lease a commercial building for personal non-business use or is an umbrella policy from your homeowners liability insurance enough for the landlord?

Umbrella policies are often written as "following form" which means it only provides coverage if your primary (i.e. homeowners policy) provides coverage. Ask your insurance agent if you need to add the new location to the liability section of your homeowner's policy. You may also need "fire legal coverage" which can pay the landlord if you accidentally cause fire damage to the leased building.

Why do you need Pollution liability insurance?

The reason companies need pollution insurance is because no other insurance policies will cover damage and remediation costs resulting from pollutants you use during your business operations. Lots of companies use pollutants but some have a lot more pollution liability risk including general and artisan contractors, dry cleaners, abatement contractors, manufacturers, automotive companies, etc. Example: Painting contractor leaves a gallon of paint on sidewalk and it gets kicked by a runner, the paint seeps into a storm drain. Not covered by general liability.

Can use you use life insurance as a liability insurance?

No. These are completely different types of coverage which cannot be interchanged. I can't think any case where someone would even think this is a possibility.

Your daughter has insurance where she works but wants to use your insurance as her primary Can she do this?

If your daughter is listed on your insurance policy and a premium is being collected for her, then she can use your insurance. If not, she will need to use her insurance policy at work.

Do I need liability insurance for a rental car in Florida?

You are not required to purchase insurance from a rental car company. However you are required by law to have insurance. If you have your own insurance call your insurance company and ask what they cover for rental cars, then once you get to the rental car company ask them what their insurance covers, then use which ever one you feel is best for you. If you do not have personal insurance, I would definitely take out the rental cars insurance.

Do you need liability insurance for real estate you inherit along with other heirs?

Yes, If there is potential for an assertion of liability, The inherited property should be insured by the owner(s). You can ensure the property under a Dwelling Policy wich basically covers homes owned but not occupied by their owners.

Do you need insurance on a rental car in Florida If so how much will it cost?

All rental car co. are required by law to carry at least the minimum liability coverage. Purchasing insurance from a rental place is NOT a term and/or requirement, however, liability coverage is very low, speaking of $ amount. You can use your car insurance also. Each rental car co will sell you "an additional" insurance coverage. Unfortunately, I am not aware what the charge per day is.