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Why do you stay with a drug addict?



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Forget It If They Are On Drugs Now They Will Be When They Die. Do Yourself A Favor. Get To Where You Can Leave, That Is When You Walk Out You Have Already Moved All The Things You need With You. Go And Never Look Back. God Bless This isn't as simple a question to answer because deep feelings are involved. Once you had a relationship with this person, but when people do drugs they turn into a completely different person. You've hung onto the thought that something you might say to him may make him/her seek help, but the truth is that unless he/she wants help then he/she has to hit the bottom of the barrel. By staying with him/her you are enabling this behavior. People who do a lot of drugs will steal from you, beat you if they think you have anything of value and are hiding it from them (they need that fix because they physically hurt) and no one will stand in their way. Suggest he/she go into a proper detox center and if he/she refuses then you are going to have to leave. You did nothing wrong and you aren't letting him/her down. Many drug addicts have to hit complete bottom and some bounce back because they want too and some die. Good luck! There are people out there that can overcome drug addiction. The important thing to remember is... they have to want to. If they offer to go to rehab after they have gone to prison or are backed into a corner, it's not the same. You need to have respect for yourself. I have been with a person for 5 years. I am tired. I feel like I've aged BECAUSE of this person. The stress is almost unbearable and I'm a laid back person. Please, if you're reading this looking for an answer, the answer is no. They drain you financially. They don't care. No matter what they say, they care more about the drugs than they do about you. If they cared more about you (or themselves), they would quit. By leaving them, you are making sure you aren't an enabler and HELPING them. Let them come back after they have RECOVERED. You will be associated with their old way of life if they get clean. Consider this your sign from God, your warning.