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Sounds like your not ready for a committed relationship just yet. That's ok, good that you realize it now, instead of after a wedding. Just take it slow and talk with your boyfriend and tell him you honest feelings. Marriage is a job in itself and takes two people giving 100% of each other at all times. If you cant go to the table with that then stay in the seat your in now and work towards it. Maybe there are some things that this other guy does for you that you could suggest to your boyfriend and see if that helps. I wouldn't tell your boyfriend about feelings for other men, just that you want something different in your relationship with him. It is totally natural to feel for others we are from the animal kingdom, but its how you go about it that determines your moral being. Be honest with yourself and him at all times and you should do fine.

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I want to marry my boyfriend how can magic help me?

The only magic you need is love honey, if he doesn't want to marry you then maybe he doesn't love you. There's only one magic that can help, MONEY! But the blesssing of love from above is the most POWERFUL.

You want your boyfriend to marry you?

If u want your boyfriend to marry you go up old school and ask him your self only if your ready for that step!!!

What do you do if you want to get married but your boyfriend tells you he will never marry you?

get a new boyfriend

If Your mom fell in love with your boyfriends father and they want to marry is it ok to keep dating your boyfriend?

yes. you are not blood related so there is no problem.

You like one boy who refuses you but you like him you want to marry with him your family wants to marry you with another boy who you did not like you want a wazifa that you go married with your love?

you can't be forced to love anyone if it comes to it find a new man you love who you love and that's the end of it go with your heart

How do you tell your boyfriend you don't want to marry him even though you told him yes?

just be brave and idment it that you dont want to marry him.

Does Hayden Panettiere want to married her current boyfriend?

yes she does want to marry her boyfriend because she is telling her friends that she wants him to be her husband!

What is the reason the woman doesn't want to marry scrooge?

Belle his fiancée sees that Scrooge has another love - money

If your boyfriend breaks up with you for another girl but you still want him back?

Get another gye that really cares about you. Seems this boyfriend couldn't so why be with hime if he cheated on you and doesnt love you. Gte with another gye and make him jealous.

Do parents still try to get there child to marry who they want them to marry?

in other countries they still do but not here, you can love and marry whoever you want

Why did Henry marry anne of cleeves?

She did not want to marry him but he wanted to marry her because of her beauty and he was in love with her.

Why doesn't Juleit want to marry Paris?

She doesnt want to marry him because shes in love with romeo

I can't stop thinking about how I want to marry my boyfriend of two years am I crazy for thinking this way because I'm only twenty and so is he?

No I think if You love him that much go for it you dont have to marry straight away !

You want to marry your boyfriend but he is illegal and was married in Mexico?

He is already married, you can't marry him unless he gets a divorce.

Should you break up with a boyfriend who wont marry you?

Him not wanting to marry may mean your really special to him. But ask him about why he doesn't want to marry you.

What will make my boyfriend want to marry me?

He will want to marry because you are the girl of his dreams. Also if you have been nice to him all the while, he might consider marrying you.

What do you do if you have a boyfriend but you like another guy?

Well it depends how much you love your boyfriend. But if you really like the other guy then break up with your boyfriend and go out with the other guy.. But be careful how you word it if you still want to stay friends with your boyfriend.

How do you ask will you marry me in Tulu Language?

Enan madime aapana?

I love harry styles?

i mean that i love him very much and i dont want from him to love any girl because i love him and i want to marry him

What does it mean when a guy this guy is not my boyfriend tells you that you have his love and respect?

It Means he want to be your boyfriend!

Will you get another boyfriend?

Of course! If you want one, that is.

Does it mean your boyfriend love you because he want to have a baby with you?


Why is Taylor Lautner such a good role model?

I do have Taylor lautner o the poster and he is so hot and goodlooking and I want him to be my boyfriend I love him and I want him to marry me and I will be dying my hair black Just for him and we will be hot and sexy couple

What to do when your boyfriend doesn't want more children?

If he doesn't want more children, and you do, its simple. Move on. Don't marry him.

Is it better to marry someone who loves you more than you love them?

Definately not...marry because you want to and love - love that is equally shared between two people.

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