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The dash light dimmer switch is worn out. You need to replace it.

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Why do your headlights parking lights and dash lights not work you have replaced dimmer switch light switch and fuses and still no luck?

could be bad wiring

I have a 1993 Chevy Cheyenne 2500 and the dash lights do not work Fuses and bulbs are good Any ideas?

It could be the dimmer switch that will adjust the dash lights

1996 Ford Contour what would cause the dashboard lights to not come on?

Check fuses? Could be a bad headlight switch/ Could be an open in dimmer rheostat?

What causes the head lights to not work on your 1981 GMC Truck?

The headlight switch could be defective. Check all the fuses first and if any are bad, replace them. The dimmer switch could also be defective.

Why are there No dashboard lights in my 1990 Nissan Truck and there are no blown fuses?

Check to see if the parking/tailights are working Could be a bad fuse, or switch Could be an open in the dimmer rheostat

I have a Chevy s10 and the dash lights do not work. I checked the fuses and they are good. What else could it be?

Could be the dimmer rheostat has an open Could be a bad headlight switch Could be blown bulbs

Why would dashboard lights go out when bulbs and fuses are good?

The dash light dimmer switch is turned off or broken.

Why do I have no dash lights in my 1997 Malibu I have tried fuses dimmer switch and still nothing?

Have you checked the dimmer? I have a 2000 and there is a wheel to dim the dash lights to the left of the steering wheel, just above the cup holder.

Why dash lights wont come on while all other lights warning lights and all fuses were good?

Probably the dash fuse is blown, or the dimmer switch for the dash lights is bad!

How do you fix dash lights in2003 Chevy Prizm?

Be sure the dash light dimmer switch is not turned off. Check the fuses.

Why dont i have any dashboard lights in my ford focus?

Check to see if parking/tailights work - should be same circuit - check fuses Could be a bad dimmer rheostat Could be a bad light switch

2006 vw fox dash lights not working?

Check to see if the parking/tailights are working - should be the same circuit - check fuses Could be a defective dimmer rheostat Could be a bad light switch

Have no dash lights checked bulbs and fuses what else can it be pug 205 k reg?

There is a dimmer switch on the dash,it needs turning up

You have no dash lights you checked all the fuses?

maybe either a loose bulb or a burnt out onecheck your dimmer switch it may have gone bad

Why do your low beam light not work tail lights and interior changed light checked fuses holding high beam on works could it be wiring or dimmer switcher?

multi function switch

Why do your dash lights not work in your 1998 F150?

Check the fuses to start with. Make sure that the dimmer switch is on high and working. If these are ok, then check for bad wiring connections to the dash lights.

Why did all of the dash lights not just the cluster lights go out on your 1984 Buick Park Avenue. All fuses have been checked and the dimmer switch is set to bright?

You turned off the dash light brightness control switch or blew a fuse. If you have power at the dash illumination fuse, the dimmer switch may be faulty.

Could installing an aftermarket radio on a 1996 Subaru Legacy be the cause of the dash lights interm wipers dimmer switch etc to stop working The fuses all check OK?

Usally not. The only link I see is that these are usually on the same fuse. Ohm check the fuse. Also check that the dimmer switch just isn't disconnected or turned off\down. -edit- Possibly - I installed an aftermarket stereo on my Subaru Loyale (1990) and had the same symptoms you described. After troubleshooting for months, I discovered that during the stereo installation I fried the actual dimmer switch. When I replaced that, everything came back online. If the fuses check out, try replacing the actual dimmer switch. You can check this by bypassing the dimmer switch - the dash lights should come on full-power if this is the cause (connect the wire going into the switch to the wire going out of the switch).

Headlights will not work on my 1996 Jeep?

Bulbs? Fuses? Relay? Dimmer switch? Headlight switch?

If your parking lights and dash lights are out and it is not the fuses what could be wrong?

The Headlight switch is where the dash receives it's power from.

Why don't the dash lights come on in your 1991 jeep?

Usually if your dash lights are out then your tail lights may also be out but sometimes that isn't the case. The headlight dimmer switch is usually the culprit but I would check fuses first

Why would the dash console lights fail to come on when the headlights are turned on on a 1997 Ford Contour?

Check the fuses. There's usually a separate switch for the dash lights, which willmake them brighter or dimmer. It may be turned down too low. Check to make sure parking lights work as well, if they do not then could be the headlight switch as there was a recall on them.

In a 1994 Grand Marquis what could cause a failure in the instrument panel lights and tail lights if no fuses or high current fuses or circuit breakers are faulty?

Check the headlight switch and make sure you are getting current out of the switch when you turn on the lights.

What causes instrument panel lights not to work on 2000 GMC Sierra when fuses and bulbs are ok?

Perhaps switch is bad Perhaps dimmer rheostat has an "open" in circuit

What causes dashlight to go out fuses good radio lights interior and exterior lights work on 1995 Bonneville se?

Check to make sure that parking and tailights work if not check the fuse. If they work could be a bad headlight switch or an open in the dimmer rheostat

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