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Did you try changing the flasher?

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โˆ™ 2005-09-07 00:33:02
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Q: Why do your indicators work but dont flash intermittantly?
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What would cause indicators not to work?

if they dont indicate anything.

V40 indicators and hazard dont work?

try a fuse or relay.

How do you fix a 1990 Mitsubishi Lancer indicators when they flash quickly but all the lights work?

it means that one of the indicator blubs have blu which causes them to flash quickly

Why dont the indicators work on my 1973 beetle but my hazards do?

cuz there broke.. try flasher or turn signal

Why my 1998 jetta turn signals only work intermittantly?

because that what they are for. otherwise they would be orange headlights.

What if your indicators on your vauxhal corsa do not work but your hazards do Any Ideas There is also no indication on the dashboard when the hazards are on but the lights do flash?

Most corsa hazards work off separate fuses. i would start with that as that is the cheaper option.

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check the wireing harnesses

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Where is the fuse for indicators on peugeot 407 my indicators have gone off can anyone help?

my indicators have stopped working checked fuses in fuse box my hazzard lights still work

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Why do the turn signals work intermittantly in my 1990 dodge daytona?

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What to check if my rear lights breaks and indicators don't work?

Check the fuse box(es) for a burnt fuse. Also, check to see if the front indicators work - if not, the flasher unit probably needs to be replaced.

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Replace the indicators and if that doesnt work replace the bulbs because that means either one or the other is going bad.

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