Why do your joints click sometimes?

The clicking noise is caused when a burst of air enters your joints. When you pop your knuckles, air enters the joint and causes a popping sound. When you walk, your joints might pop themselves to destress. It is the same feeling your back gets after a good pop from a Chiropractor, the joints are destressing. Joints are supported by a complex arrangement of muscles and tendons. These keep the joint stable, allowing it to function properly. Some people have slightly lax joints and when this is the case the joint may click. Minor trauma such as a sprain may cause the joint to start clicking because inflammation and damage disrupts the stability and organization of the supporting muscles and tendons. Once this has healed the clicking disappears. In fact, more often than not the person won't even be aware that the injury has happened.

I think this is very fun, when you hear your own joints are clicking. I think the air getting into your joints will participant the bone metabolism. So that we can get the fresh bone right?