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Unfortunately there are many possible answers to this question. One possibility could be that the nerves which exit from your lumbar vertebrae may be irritated from misalignment's in your spine which are causing radiating effects to your lower extremities. Physical exertion may only provide temporary relief of these symptoms, so when your body is in a state of rest the tissues supporting your spine can shorten, thereby causing your reticular symptoms to appear. See your chiropractor and have x-rays performed on your lumbar spine. Another reason could simply be you were out of shape and not using those muscles. When I first started going to the gym and did resistant training my upper legs tingled and I could hardly walk the next day. LOL That was a sure sign I needed to keep up with my exercising techniques.

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What is areobic exercise?

Exercise that usually requires a heavy use of oxygen

What is apparatus exercise heavy?

thumb be

Why shouldn't you consume a heavy meal before exercise?

you raise your chances of vomiting while you exercise

Why do you have muscle cramps after heavy exercise?

When we do heavy exersise our mussle will pain because when we do exersise our blood will not be there

Lactic acid fermentation helps make cheese yogurt and also occurs what in cells during heavy exercise?

It oocurs in muscle cells during heavy exercise. :]

Who define light?

In weight it is means it is not heavy. In physics it is electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation.

Why do your legs feel heavy?

Your legs could feel heavy if you have a problem with your circulation. They can also feel heavy if you have had a lot of exercise and they are tired or fatigued.

What could the heavy feeling in your abdominals be?

its soreness if your done with an exercise

What happens to oxygen consumption during heavy exercise?

it increases.

When might your body perform fermentation processes?

Heavy exercise.

When you are pulling a heavy load or trailer - the extra weight increases your stopping distance?


The effects of exercise on the digestive system?

Mild exercise have increase bloodflow and make digestion faster. Heavy exercise make the body chose between exercise and digestion and leads to nondigested food.

Why do astronauts need rigorous exercise in space?

their suits are very heavy.

Can heavy exercise cause miscarriage?

Depends on what you mean by heavy. Exercise is very good when you are pregnant and as along as you feel good there should be no problem. To terminate a healthy pregnancy is not easy, the fetus is very protected.

What if your ability to lift that heavy couch would be increased by which type of exercise?


What occurs after heavy exercise if energy reserves in a muscle are depleated?

an oxygen debt

What occurs if energy reserve in a muscle are depleted after heavy exercise?

Oxygen debt

Why do you feel hungry after heavy exercise?

Because you have lost so many calories.

Can you do color guard while pregnant?

Yes exercise is good but no heavy lifting.

What occurs after heavy exercise if energy reserves in a muscle are depleted?

an oxygen debt

How long after meal exercise should be done?

It depends upon how much you have taken in meal and how hard exercise you want to do. If you have had light meal and want to do heavy exercise than you should wait till one or two hour and if you have taken heavy meal than you should wait for two and half or three hour than you should do exercise.

Why is water loss reduced in the lungs in hot weather yet it is the highest in long heavy exercise?

You breathe more quickly/ often when you are doing heavy exercise but not necessarily when the weather is warmer. I think we are doing the same assignment :)

What diet should be taken after exercise at the gym?

you should take a heavy diet after gym but two hours is need between exercise and eat

Can you exercise while on your period?

Yes actually u can. Exercising on your period can help with cramps too.if your a heavy cramper then exercise is best to get rid of them

What are exercise gloves used for?

Exercise gloves are most typically used in activities that may involve stress on lifting heavy weights. They may prevent blistering of the hands from repetitive exercise.

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