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In return of the living dead the cause one of the Zombies said they eat brains cause it hurts to be dead they can feel there bodies rotting.

Zombies eat brains in the movies because that scares most people. Zombies eat brains so they can infect there zombie like state into the bodies of the living ie if you are bit you become a zombie


It would make a difference what type of zombie one was dealing with. For example, a juju zombie might eat brains because it is told to, as it requires no sustenance of any sort, being created by "magic". I'll assume that the question refers to infection zombies, often created by science in movies.

Now infection zombies are probably not literally dead, but rather have a strongly modified metabolism. This is indicated by the fact that they are disiccated (giving them the 'zombie' face) and the fact that they eat at all. It also explains why zombies are easier to throw around and break apart than regular people. It's probably some form of aneorobic digestion, or even direct absorption of neurochemicals and cells, probably in an attempt to rebuild or maintain their nerve cells and brain (some zombie movies show the recently converted as maintaining most of their faculties, suggesting living brain tissue). It makes more sense than eating flesh or fats when you have no metabolism to speak of and easier access to flesh and lipids than running screaming teenagers.

Additionally, it prevents zombies from massively multiplying since they tend to consume all the brain tissue of most of their targets before their fluids can 'gel'.



I read this after sitting in class wondering why zombies would eat brains, what happens after consumption, etc. Don't worry, I'm a professional. Or as professional as it gets. I'm a sixteen year old high school student and have watched multiple zombie movies, studied the art of blood and effect making, and follow George A. Romero's footsteps. I'm also the admin for 'I have thought at least once about what to do in a zombie invasion' on facebook.

Zombies are originally from legends that voodoo artists in Africa would conjure the dead to rise again and do his/her bidding. The legend doesn't specify, but in order to keep these unliving bodies under his control, he had to feed it parts of human flesh. Flesh or brains, doesn't specify.

George A. Romero was one of the first directors and writers to make this undead-based slave a topic in Horror; that this re-animated corpse would come in masses and take over the living population. In his third film, Day of the Dead, a mad scientist studies these zombies and comes up with theories as to why they want to eat.

The zombie 'virus' (also a topic of horror) kills the brain from front to back, but not the core where basic motor functions and primal instincts are governed. This is kept alive by the virus, thus the reason why zombies eat. Primal instincts being the system needs food to survive, not being specific in whether this food is brain, flesh, rat, mouse, etc.

With this in mind, I answer the question: Zombies aren't eating brains in particular, just basic any food that fills the belly. Yom yom Eat em up!

(Source: George A. Romero/Tom Savini movies)

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Q: Why do zombies like to eat brains?
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