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it is the fuse under the hood of the car or your suspension switch in the trunk is off....the fuse box is located under the hood on the drivers side

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How can i read the check suspension codes on my 93 Lincoln mark 8?

I think the check suspension plug is under the hood on the pass. side and you would need a OBD1 scanner to check it. It's usually gray in color and says air suspension on it.

Where is the air suspension electronic control module on a 1998 Lincoln mark 8?

Usually in the trunk on the right hand side behind the carpet.

Were is the air ride suspension compressor disconnect switch on 1996 Lincoln town car?

usually under dash left front side

What is the Air suspension warning light on 2004 Lincoln town car?

it is usually telling you three is a problem with the air ride, maybe a leak or the pump isn't working

Where is the air suspension compressor on a 1998 Lincoln town car?

the air bag compressor is under the hood on the front driver side usually under the air filter box

Where is the 1998 Cadillac air suspension?

depending on what model you have it is usually on the rear suspension frame.

Why does your computer automatically restart when left for a long time?

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What if air suspension pump comes on but suspension never rises?

sounds like your solenoids are leaking, usually in your air bag (suspension). or a hose.

What is tubular suspension?

Aftermarket (usually) suspension components, usually upper and lower a arms (front suspension) manufactured from tubular steel (basically high strength pipe) making it stronger than the factory components which are usually stamped pieces of heavy guage sheet metal.

How can you get the particles out of a suspension?

Usually one either filters the suspension or adds a flocculant to make the particles clump and precipitate.

Where is the air ride suspension compressor for a 1994 Lincoln Town Car located and how do you install it?

The pump is in a compartment below the air filter. I have heard that the pump usually goes out because the air bags or lines are leaking.

Why does the rear suspension squeak on a Grand Am?

usually means the suspension is dry and needs lubrication a good dry lube such as a a spray on molybdinum lube will do the job usually means the suspension is dry and needs lubrication a good dry lube such as a a spray on molybdinum lube will do the job

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break it then fix it ^ Wow.. Edit: You usually have to unplug the cords in the back of the Router to restart it. Make sure you have Xbox360 connection in your router on the site. :)

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What would cause the air suspension on a 1998 Lincoln Navigator not to work?

there can be many different problems but it could be a bad relay switch to check it get on the floor on the passenger side and check to see if the air suspension relay switch is on, try that for now, usually if someone uses a jack to raise the car and the tires have to come off the ground,they switch it off, so the height sensors don't mess up. but it this causes the check suspension light to come on.

Where is the compressor in a 96 explorer v8?

A/C or air suspension? A/C follow the routing of the serpentine belt - usually on the lower end of engine Air suspension??

What accessories are usually needed when you are buying a Firestone Air Bay Suspension Kit?

The Firestone air bag suspension kit comes with all the necessary equipment.

Shoulder pulley vs. Suspension trainers?

Shoulder pulleys are similar to suspension trainers in that they both use tension in order to produce a workout. The main difference is that suspension trainers are usually attached to a surface while shoulder pulleys are not.

What would cause a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee to start stall and then restart?

usually the factory alarm

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