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Why does 1993 Buick Regal directional signal come on but does not blink?


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2007-11-28 19:39:30
2007-11-28 19:39:30

Flasher is bad. to replace it it is under the dash at the back of the steering column.


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More then likely it needs to be replaced, if its the actual signal inside the car, turn it on check outside the car which one it is and replace!!

your rear bulb is blown - replace the bulb The turn signal blinks fast because the bulb is going out. That is also why the others dont blink.

Buy a "highway" turn signal flasher

Why would you want the blinker faster. They should blink at factory specs.

Check your bulbs and your flasher.

This happened to me. When my turn signal lights went out or would stay solid where I would have to manually make them blink it eventually made my break lights go out, but they would come on when I held the turn signal switch for high beams. To repair the issue you will need to get the whole turn signal switch fixed which is behind the horn and the airbag. Nice penny and it takes about 2-2 1/2 hours to repair it because there are wires behind your steering wheel that go to different things.

You either have a bulb burnt out or the turn signal flasher is bad.

I would highly suspect that there is a bulb out. Remove the Eight million hand tightened screws and the trunk lense will come out to access the socket. But check to see which one is out first.

If the check engine light does not flash when in the diag mode, the problem is the computer. Could be as simple as a failed lamp driver but a failed computer is toast and will need to be replaced/

Maybe a short somewhere...did you replace the flasher unit? No - it was blinking spuradically(?) - now I have to blink it manually and it won't blink at all with lights on.

you need to change the flasher can for the signal lights

Answer 1: You may need to replace the bulb. Answer 2: In my experience it indicates that one (front or rear) of the right turn signal bulbs has blown and needs replaced. If it blinks normal speed with the left turn signal then it's not likely to be the flasher relay. Hope this helps.

burnt fuse. check the fuse box

If a turn signal does not blink on a 1996 Honda Accord that it is time for it to be changed. To change the bulb and locate the light housing and remove the older light. Replace the light.

This may very well be a problem with your ground connections at that turn signal.

It means the bulb is out or something else is wrong.

That can happen when there is a bad ground to one of the lights.

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