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Brake rotors are warped.

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Q: Why does Brake pulse around 50-55 mph when stepping on brake?
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Why does the brake pedal pulse on a 1999 Honda CRV?

(1) Warped brake rotor (2) an out of round brake drum (3) a warped or damaged brake shoe.

When you fully depress a brake pedal of a vehicle with ABS you will feel?

When you fully depress a brake pedal of a vehicle with ABS you will fell a Pulse A pinch a pain a pull

When you fully depress brake pedal of a vehicle with ABS you will feel?


When you fully depress a brake pedal of a vehicle with ABS what will you feel?


Why does my Brake pedal pulse at low speeds?

This sort of thing is usually caused by brake rotor thickness variation or out-of plane condition. Other possible causes are ovaled brake drums, bent hubs, bent (solid) axles, improperly seated brake rotor or drum.

Where is the brake light switch on a 1987 mercury grand marquis?

The brake light switch is under the dash hooked to the brake pedal at about midway up. It is a little switch that is like a push button that goes "CLICK" when activated, sending a pulse to the lights telling them when to turn on and off.

Why does the brake pedal pulse on stopping on your 1997 Mercury Sable gs?

A pulsing brake pedal indicates a warped disk rotor and that means the rotor needs to be replaced. In that case, they should both be done at the same time.

What causes thumping when you step on the breaks?

It is most likely caused by a rotor that is warped. When you step on the brake pedal, the brake pads pulse against the uneven surface, causing a "thumping" you can feel. Other possibilities could include a bad wheel bearing or a tire that has tread that is separating.

When my brake pads and rotors were replaced on my 1995 infiniti g20 the brake light extinguished but the abs light goes on and off and brakes pulse at different times when the light is on?

take it to the dealer tell them you just want a diagnostic performred. see what they say posibly you can do the repaires yourself. but have this checked out.

What would cause a Ford Falcon to have no injector pulse?

faulty distributer, bad earth terminal on batterie also body controle unit ontop of park brake can stop injector pulse, early to late 90 models

Why does can a car braks pulse when coming down a hill?

You have a warped brake rotor. They can be resurfaced but the cost to replace it with a new one or resurfacing is about the same, go for the new one.

What does the abs light on in a 2009 Kia Sportage mean?

ABS usually means the anti-skid for braking , so if the light is on you have a ABS brake problem. The front brake rotors send speed signals back to the computer so the computer can calculate not really the speed, but in a way it does, for revolutions of the rotors and a quick change in ABS signal to the computer along with a brake signal makes the brakes pulse instead of locking up help preventing skidding.

Why is the abs light on in a 2000 Chevy Cavalier?

The abs light being on for a 2000 Cavalier indicates a brake problem. The brakes could lock up when the pedal is pushes hard, or pulse.

91 Acura integra has thumping sound from rear had new brakes wheel bearings alignment even tire wear and no brake pedal pulse what could it be?

problem could be the rear strut

Will a crank shaft sensor on a Jeep Cherokee cause it not to start?

yes you will lose pulse to the fuel injectors and fuel pump activation. common part to fail. the wires fray and brake near transmission.

Your 1996 Volvo 850 wagon has a hard pulse uppon braking you thought this was the antilock brake diagnostic system however during a three mile drive this happened about 6 or 7 times?

Your brake rotors may be warped and need machining. If they are too worn they may need replacing. Sometimes it's better to replace them, not too expensive if you go aftermarket.

What is the proper way to use anti-lock brakes in an emergency situation?

Push down on the brake pedal and hold it there, do not pump.Apply the brakes in an even manner until the braking system starts to pulse and vibrates the brake peddle. This is how anti lock brakes tell you you are getting the most available braking from them.Keep enough pressure or force on the peddle until the vehicle comes to a stop.

If your car has ABS it has?

Automatic Braking System. Prevents brakes from completely locking up in panic brake situations, or poor traction, such as icy roads. Causes brakes to "pulse" rather than lock up and skid.

How do you know if the ABS is bad on a Grandprix?

Find a vacant street or parking lot, accelerate, and slam on the brakes. If the wheels lock up then you know ABS isn't working. Recall that the brake pedal should pulse too.

Why does my brakes feel like they pulse on my ford explorer?

Because your rotors are warped. Get them re-surfaced or replaced. Optionally, you should also replace the front wheel bearings and associated components (seals, bearing races, etc.), and possibly even rebuild the caliper (new piston, seals, springs), as well as flush the old brake fluid. Tip: when you brake hard and come to a complete stop, find a way to release the brake pressure while stopped (i.e., put the car in neutral), holding the brake while stopped (especially after heavy braking) will warp the rotors; the area being held between the pads will cool drastically slower than the area open to the air, thus warping is more likely to occur.

What causes the abs to pulse on a 2000 mercury cougar everytime you use the brakes and no abs light is on if you pull the 7.5 amp fuse it stops but the brake and abs light come on?

Could be a broken ABS sensor ring at one of the wheels

2001 530i BMW your service engine light brake light and abs light is on what do i need to check?

First think to check would the be the ABS sensors for damage or corroded wires, and the pulse wheels next to them for rust and corrosion buildup.

What causes brakes to pulse when stopping?

There are a few different things that can cause your brake (I assume pedal) to pulse or "bounce" when you are slowing from speed. The most common is that you have a brake rotor or drum that is warped or out of round. This can usually be corrected by having the rotors or drums turned. This is a process that shaves the unevenness out of the metal surface of the rotor or drum. HOWEVER, this process makes the rotor or drum less able to disapate heat and more apt to re-warp. There is a minimum thickness available for every rotor and drum which lets the machine shop know how much of the material can be cut off the rotor or drum before the part must be discarded and replaced with new. I have owned 69 cars, all different kinds and years and I have not ever turned a rotor or drum. I have always just replaced them if there was a warp. This problem is most often caused by dragging the brakes from high speeds slowing down gradually and causing the brakes to heat up and then sitting at a stop with your foot pressed firmly on the brake when they are really hot...Another common cause of the brake pedal pulse is that a tire or wheel rim is out of round or a tire tread is seperating, or tire underinflation.

What creates your pulse?

blood being pumped around your body by your heart causes a pulse

What causes the brakes to pulse on a 06 1500 two wheel drive Chevy?

ABS. The Automatic Braking System will cause the brake to pulsate when braking in hard conditions and on slick surfaces. This is a normal condition it is the result of you vehicles ABS system working properly