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Why does England and the Colonies go to war in?


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England wanted to tax and govern the colonies who didnt want to pay or be governed

fortunately for them England was thousands of miles away and a boat took months to get there so the result was pretty much certain from the start


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The American Colonies went to war against England, because they wanted to be a free and independent nation.

taxation without representation

the colonies were justified for waging war with England because the colonies suffered unjust taxation

The colonies went to war with England to break away from England so that they didn't have to do what England told them to do and they can make their own goverment/country with their rules/laws. They also went to war because England was putting taxes on their tea, paper and other goods.

The British view that the colonies were to be used and exploited

War broke out between England and the colonies _____.

the war between the colonies happened in the year 1775

The England colonies thought that French Indians should pay for the war because they were in the wrong. This is fought about.

because the colonies are going to war with the other colonies

In the Revolutionary War, also known as the American War for Independence, the colonies separated from England.

By fighting war with EnglandThey decided to fight them.

They fought the Revolutionary War against England.

It was because the victory of the french and Indian war of 1763.

yes There was a war King Philip's War to be exact

The England army were better trained because the colonies army were a bunch of farmers.

The French and Indian War affected the 13 colonies because the colonies were taxed of the money that was spent by England.

The colonies were revolting to get rid od the English rule over them.

yes they went to the church of england

because England forced them into a new prayer book

they defeated the french at war to take control of the middle colonies

There was a civil war in England.

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