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Why does Romeo want th sun to kill the envious moon?


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Romeo says this during the balcony scene and right after he meets Juliet during the party. The moon is symbolizing Romeo's love for Rosaline and the sun is symbolizing Romeo's love for Juliet. So, Romeo wants his love for Juliet to rise up and be greater than and overcome his love for Rosaline. Why can't this child stick to one girl? Quite a player! :) ;)


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He wants the sun to kill the envious moon (Rosaline), because he compares Rosaline to the moon goddess,Diana, and then says that the Sun (Juliet) must destroy the moon (Rosaline). Actually, seeing Juliet in the window in her nightie with the light streaming through it, I'm pretty sure that Romeo had totally forgotten that there ever was such a person as Rosaline. The moon is "envious" which Rosaline never was or would be; she couldn't care less who Romeo liked. No, the moon is the real moon, which is envious of Juliet because she is more brilliant and more sexy than the moon. She is more sexy than the moon because it is associated with the virgin goddess Diana and the Vestal virgins. Romeo wants Juliet to triumph over and kill virginity by losing hers to him.

Romeo was at the point married to Juliet, which is Tybalts cousin. therefore romeo did not want to kill Tybalt for Juliet's sake.

Juliet doesn't want Romeo to swear by the moon because the moon changes shape and if Romeo swears by the moon his love will change shape

Tybalt wants to kill Romeo for falling in love with Juliet because he wants her to marry a Capulet.

Because the moon is inconstant and ever changing, and Juliet wants to know that Romeo will love her forever.

He wants to swear by the moon, but Juliet doesn't want to hear him swear by the moon.

He wants to kill Romeo because he is his biggest enemy :))

because romeo wants to swear by the moon but the moon changes so she is afraind his love will change too like the moon he would swear on.

He tries. "By yonder blessed moon I swear . . ." She doesn't want him to swear by the moon though.

They were not dear to the moon because of the time they had together. They did not want the time to end.

The moon waxes and wanes in accordance to the monthly lunar cycle. Juliet does not want Romeo to pledge his love in the name of something that fluctuates so cyclically. She wants him to swear to something permanent, and changing.

he doesn't compare her he swares his love for her on the moon. but he doesn't want to do that because the moon is always changing.

This is in his monologue just after saying "But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?" Primarily, the moon is associated with the goddess Artemis or Diana who was the goddess of virgins. Romeo refers to this when he talks about 'her vestal livery"--the "vestal virgins" were a set of virgin priestesses. Romeo is not interested in women who are into virginity in a big way--he already had to deal with that with Rosaline--and describes this virgin goddess as "envious" (wishing she had a love life), "pale" (moonlight is paler than sunlight and pale people were thought of as being dominated by phlegm, the humour which made you dull and listless), "sick" (not having a healthy appetite), and "green" (see envious above).

The moon changes from new moon to full moon and back again every month. Juliet thinks that if Romeo swears by the changing moon, his love will prove just as fickle and changeable.

Kill him and serves him right for gatecrashing the party.

Tybalt was enraged that Romeo was at the party and he wanted a sword to kill him. However, Capulet told him to leave Romeo alone because he was not causing any trouble and he had heard good things about Romeo and he did not want to be rude to his guests.

Because the moon comes and goes, which is a bad thing to compare your love to.

Because He Didnt Want Trouble And He Was About To Kill Hisself With The Poison.

She doesn't want him to swear his love by the moon lest "that thy love prove likewise variable". Juliet is afraid that if he does then his love will be changing as the moon (inconstant orb) does.

The moon is inconstant, it changes shape over the month. Juliet does not want an inconstant lover!

Romeo buys the poison to kill himself because he does not want to live without Juliet once he finds out that she is "dead".

He was envious and jealous of Caesar.

Romeo was banished from Verona after he killed Tybalt because they didn't want to kill him because they considered it a death for a death; Tybalt killed Mercutio, Romeo killed Tybalt.

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