Why does WikiAnswers want you to ask questions?

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2010-12-04 14:41:00

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We want you to ask your questions so we can give you our answers!

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2010-12-04 14:41:00
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Q: Why does WikiAnswers want you to ask questions?
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Is it good to ask many questions on WikiAnswers?

Yes, you can ask as many questions as you want on WikiAnswers. Also, it never hurts to ask/answer many questions also.

Is there a limited number of questions you can ask on WikiAnswers?

No there is not a limit, you can ask as many questions as you want as long as they are appropriate questions.

What else is there to ask?

You can ask anything you want, and WikiAnswers will do its best to answer all your questions!

How many questions can you ask on WikiAnswers?

As many as you want and are capable of asking.

Can brands have accounts on WikiAnswers?

Brands can have account on WikiAnswers. Anyone can have an account on WikiAnswers. You cannot use WikiAnswers for spam; it is to be used to only to answer questions for people or ask questions that people may want to know.

Who asks the questions on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers visitors ask questions. You wrote this one! :-)

Why does WikiAnswers ask a question but doesn't have the answer?

WikiAnswers doesn't ask the questions. Users and visitors ask the questions. They are hoping that someone can help them with an answer.

Can you ask you something on WikiAnswers?

Yes! One reason we have WikiAnswers is to ask questions!

How do you ask a question on Wikipedia?

You don't ask questions on wikipedia, but you can ask questions on wikianswers.

Why are you here on WikiAnswers?

To ask and answer questions.

Why did everyone ask so many questions on WikiAnswers?

Because People want to know things...

What questions can not be asked on WikiAnswers?

Questions that add no value to wikianswers and questions that ask mean stuff that is considered vandalism.

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