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I need a little more information on this one. Do you mean that the engine RPM suddenly increases after being at a normal idle? Or do you mean that the engine will not idle down? If the engine RPM will not slow to a normal idle (somewhere between 500 and 700 RPM) I'd check for vacuum leaks. Start with the EGR valve. Make sure the gasket is in place and the EGR valve is installed and tightened. Also check the throttle body and make certain that it is properly tightened. If the engine suddenly races while idling, I'd check the mechanism that increases idle speed when the AC kicks on. If it is improperly adjusted you could have a problem. I'll watch this post and if you have any more concerns, write a clarifying question.

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Q: Why does a 1992 cop car caprice accellerate at stop sign with no cruise control?
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What is wrong with your cruise control on your 1992 Chevy Caprice?

I have a 93 Caprice and the cruise went out a few times. Check the third brake light in the back of the window. If it is out replace it and this might fix the problem. Also check the fuse as it controls the cruise and third brake light as well.

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How do you adjust the idle control valve on a 1992 caprice classic?

You don't. The ecm adjusts it.

What is the ECCL on a 1992 Nissan Stanza?


Where is cruise control on a 1992 chev g20?

behind the left opem corner

Where is the cruise control on your 1992 Jeep Cherokee?

on the end of the turn signal lever

Where is the cruise control unit on a 1992 Ford Taurus?

I have a Ford Taurus 92, and my cruise control is right on the steering wheel. There is an "on and off" switch on the wheel, and you click the on, and a cruise control button should be under those. (be sure to click "on" before you click the c.c.)

Will the rear end of a 1992 Roadmaster or a 1992 Caprice fit a 1994 Chevy Caprice?

Yes, it will fit.

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Will a universal bolt pattern for a 1989 caprice fit a 1992 caprice?

yes it will

Would 1992 camaro rims fit on 1992 caprice classsic?


Can you take a 1991 Chevy caprice classic transmission and put it in a 1992 Chevy caprice classic?

Yes you can.

Where is the cruise control module for 1992 Ford E-150 located?

If not working, check the horn 15amp fuse. when the horn doesn't work, neither does the criuse control.

How much should thermostats cost for 1992 Chevy caprice?

What is the cost for 1992 thermostat

How do you change a transmission screen on a 1992 caprice classic?




Will a core support from a 1993 caprice fit a 1992 caprice?

yes. The 91-96 caprices are completely interchangeable.

Where is the fuse box in a 1992 Chevy Caprice?

your fuse box for a 1992 Chevy caprice, is in the drivers side panel when you open up the door. it is next to the door/window defroster.

How to repair the cruise control on a 1992 Lincoln town car?

Hopefully, you have had the cruise control module recall work done. It's free at any Ford, Lincoln or Mercury dealership. It can start a fire and be very dangerous. Take it to dealership right away.

What engine does a 1992 caprice classic have?

The 92 Chevrolet Caprice Classic comes equipped with a 5.0/ 305 c.i.d. engine

What is Best range for caprice 1992 thermostat?


Why did your cruise control stop working on a 1992 Ford Taurus?

Mine didn't quit, why ask me? :-) Check the fuses first.