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It has a possible transmission problem. Transmission problem isn't going to cause smoke. You have a blown headgasket or cracked block that is letting coolant get into the cylinders. If you are still driving it when you read this, stop while there is still hope to repair it.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-17 05:34:27
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Q: Why does a 1994 Olds Bravada hesitate upon acceleration and blow white smoke and run worse by the day and is about to stop running completely but idles good with a little miss in it?
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Why does 95 talon turbo hesitate when cold?

all engines hesitate when cold they need to get to proper running temp

What does the sentinel switch controlin a 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada?

day time running lights

How many RPM's should you be running at 75 mph in a 2000 olds bravada?

You should be around 2200 - 2500 rpms.

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i had my computer reset/reprogrammed. mine would hesitate at first until it warmed up because if was running too rich. it made a huge difference. there is a gm bulletin out on this problem..

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What would cause a 1997 olds bravada to lose speed after running for a short time?

One of 1,000,000 answers might be put gas in it...

On the 94 bravada will the catalytic converter clog up will it start running bad and cutting off but still start up again?

Yes it can

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In order to start the vehicle yea, but once the vehicle is running you can disconnect the battery and the vehicle should stay running, if it doesn't then more the likely your alternator is bad

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get a tune-up change your plugs and wires and your cap and rotor

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Where is the electrical switch on a 94 S10 Blazer that switches the air from the floor to the vents?

I had that problem on my 94 Olds Bravada, a vacuum hose came loose running to the intake plenum.

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