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Most of gm's Toyota/geo motors tend to burn oil after about 60,000 miles. Not much you can do about it except keep filling the oil up, or have the valve seals replaced in the motor=$$$$$$

I really don't agree with your answer. I've got a 93 Prizm with 123,000 miles on it and it doesn't use a drop of oil between changes. A friend has a 97 Metro with a 1.3 in it and it has 222,000 miles on it. Up until a couple of weeks ago when it blew the crank seal, it didn't use any oil either. This person could possibly have a clogged PCV valve or hose causing it to suck oil back through the intake system and burning it. Is the back of the car covered in a kind of black, greasy type looking film? If so, check that PCV system. A bad EGR valve could also be guilty.

Well, alot of car tend to burn oil when they get alot of miles on them, but 60k seems alittle early=you're screwed

New Input: Same problem with a 1999 prizm. Changed the PCV valve and added Lucas Oil Treatment. Since it cleared up immediately, I assume it was the PCV.

Just my 2 cents. I have 150k on my 94 Prizm and I don't burn any noticeable amount of oil. I change it about every 4 to 5k and that's it.

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Q: Why does a 1998 Geo Prizm need a quart or two of oil every two weeks or so even though there are no obvious leaks on the ground?
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