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Why does a 93 XJ6 give a chirping noise from the front after it has been driving for a bit?

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2009-11-27 13:59:14
2009-11-27 13:59:14

Have the sway bar bushings lubricated. GoodluckJoe

Additional: Joe is correct, and I would add two other less obvious gremlins if that fix didn't work: I had a small plastic clip come loose on the Grill retainer that vibrated at idle and produced a similar sound, and of course a fan belt in its early stages of failure.

Hi I have a jagure as well and I noticed it has a little chirp when excelerating and it come's from the transmition. Like the tire's chirped... If Thes is the sound your talkubf about ite the transmition and the sound in normal in a jagure I am told and not to worry about it, I was toild to tank god I have a Jagure,, Have a great day Vond

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