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Have the sway bar bushings lubricated. GoodluckJoe

Additional: Joe is correct, and I would add two other less obvious gremlins if that fix didn't work: I had a small plastic clip come loose on the Grill retainer that vibrated at idle and produced a similar sound, and of course a fan belt in its early stages of failure.

Hi I have a jagure as well and I noticed it has a little chirp when excelerating and it come's from the transmition. Like the tire's chirped... If Thes is the sound your talkubf about ite the transmition and the sound in normal in a jagure I am told and not to worry about it, I was toild to tank god I have a Jagure,, Have a great day Vond

2009-11-27 13:59:14
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What is making a squeaking chirping scraping noise at front of engine on a 1997 mercury cougar 3.8L engine Belt idler pulley tensioner pulley water pump and belt have been replaced and noise is same?

Did you look at the alternator bearings?Take the belt off and spin the alteranator to see if the bearings are bad.

Your Ford 3.8 V6 has a chirping noise belt and accessories have been eliminated. what is the problem?

Probably the serpentine belt idler pulley bearing.

After my camaro has been driving around it makes a ticking noise?

Sounds to me like HOT exhaust cooling down.

When Left front tire is hot you here knock or ping?

when the truck has been driven 20 to 30 miles you can hear a noise comming from left front

What cause a droning noise when driving and appears to be coming from somewhere around the carburetor and Muffler and tailpipe have been replaced?

leaking or cracked manifold

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Why does your brake light on your 2004 tracker keep coming on and it just started making a horrible grinding noise what could this be?

The grinding noise is the brakes pads proably the noise is in the front. The front brake pads are easy to replace and is a do it yourself sort of thing. My guess is your brake light is coming on because of this condition. I assume your brake light has been coming on for a little while now.

Why would a 2005 Mazda Protege make a high pitched grinding noise from the front right while turning left and driving straight that stops if brakes are applied or when turning right?

Are the breaks worn or have they been recently replaced and could need new rotor. check your wheel bearing as well. turning left puts more stress on the right side of the vehicle, this could cause the grinding noise.

My front brakes on my Honda Odyssey make a grinding noise but not all the time When brought in I am told my brakes are fine and they can't duplicate the noise?

If the car was sitting for a while and it was damp out, rust forms on the brake rotors. For the first mile or you will hear a grinding noise when braking until the rust has been removed by the brake pads. The longer it has been sitting, the louder it may be. This is normal.

Why when I am going round a bend to the left and also normally after I have been driving for a while my Alfa Romeo 147 makes a high pitched intermittent squeak?

possible noise with brakes

What is making a squeaking chirping scraping noise at belt side of engine on 2001 ford windstar pulley tensioner water pump alternator and power steering pump have been replaced and noise is the same?

Try "Related Questions" below - I had finally found some information about unhappy bird sounds coming from the engine compartment - hopefully it applies to your problem (please report back and update/edit this answer with your findings!!)

When driving my 2002 Windstar at slow speed there is a squealing sound from front tires and my abs light have been coming on?

You have a serious problem with the front suspension and need to get it inspected by a professional "straight-away"!

When Im driving and you hit the brakes they have a fealing as if they were studdering to stop and then they sometimes make a noise and you can feal like grinding you cheaked your roaters and they are?

did you check your brake pads, to me it sounds like you need new brakes, i imagine that if you have been driving with that noise happening and you didn't replace your brakes your rotors are most likely scored, possibly warped, full of hot spots, and heat cracks

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What is that noise 2001 z24 there is thud noise almost like a flat spot on the left front tire bearing tyrod and drive shaft have been replaced with no success put new tire on no success any ideas?

Only makes the noise when hitting a bump, just once or twice till the next time? If so, it is the strut. Both front ones should be changed at the same time. If this is what's wrong, if you took it to a shop, it should have been the first thing they checked. If you did it yourself, it's part of the learning curve we all go through.

What could cause a knocking noise on front passenger side of car when turning?

mine doing the same when turning been to garage could be broke spring or strut top bearing .

What would cause a squeakingchirping noise under the hood of a 99 Tahoe Belt belt tensioner and idler pulley have all been replaced Could it be the alternator?

Did you change out the belt? I had a chirping and squeaking on mine and my 95 Impala and I couldn't isolate it so I went with the cheapest repair, a new belt and low and behold it solved the problem. As soon as I hear a noise now, it's belt first then more expensive parts last! Good Luck

1991 mercury capri is making a clicking noise when I'm driving?

I've been told that this is usually the cv boot and that it is easier to buy an axle from an auto parts place and have a mechanic replace the axle.

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What would cause a squeaking sound on a1996 cavalier while driving and when you apply the brake the noise stops?

The anti squeal shims might not be fitted behind the brake pads or may need some coppergrease. The front discs could be rubbing against the backing plates. There could be something traapped there, a build up of scale on the disc or the plate might have been bent somehow. Also check the front wheel bearings for wear.