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because its cold, the car has not been running for over 8hrs or so, the oils get thicker and it moves slower, let if warm up. it souldnt stall, if it is time for a tune up (spark plugs and wires) change your oil to syntectic a fule cleanner might help to. you can change your idle speed by adjusting the throttle wire under the hood and that way the rpms will be higher. You most likely have a vacuum leak somewhere.

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Q: Why does a 95 Honda Civic EX idle very low in the morning and stall at the first stop?
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What causes a Honda Civic to stall?

There can be many causes for a Honda Civic to stall. Some of them include a bad fuel pump, a bad alternator, a bad distributor, a clogged air filter or idle air valve. Buy a Honda Civic Service manual for more information. do it myself Honda civic repair

What causes 1982 Honda civic to stall on right turns?

Sounds like you may have a broken motor mount that is causing a line to crimp or somethig.

What causes your 1988 Honda Civic to sputter idle rough and act like it is going to stall?

Bad Valves or fuel pump usually from redlining the care

Why would your 1991 Honda Civic stall when it get hot?

it could be a few things. first thing i need to know will it start when the engine is running at normal? if no check your main relay.if yes, check around for a vacuum leak.

What would cause a 2000 Honda Civic EX to stall when it stops?

many things.... could be bad fuel filter, your throttle body could be a little dirty, check air filter....

Horse stall up keep?

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What causes 1998 accord to stall?

A 1998 Honda Accord could stall because it is out of gas. The car could also stall because of a bad computer.

Why would a 1989 Honda Accord stall on acceleration?

There are several things that can cause your 1989 Honda Accord to stall on acceleration. The most common cause is a plugged or dirty air filter.

When a horse is in its stall often how much should you clean it?

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What would cause a 1999 Honda Civic EX to stall at stop lights and idle rough?

Possibly a bad idle air control valve...if you have a check engine light on, take it to auto zone and they can check it for free. If not, take it to a mechanic

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Why does my 4 door Honda civic dx stall then turn off when stopped at a red light and you have to put it in neutral and push both brake and gas until light turns green?

How long has it been since you've given it a tune-up?

2000 Honda Civic and occasionally the radio cuts out and the car itself even shuts off temporarily what could be causing this?

Have your electrical wiring checked out, it is shorting out that causes the radio to shut off and the engine to stall. Start from the radio wiring.....Hope this will help..

Why does my Honda Acty engine stall?

Could be many reasons. Start with a good tune up.

What cause a 1994 Honda Accord to stall when low on gas?

The primary cause of a 1994 Honda Accord to stall when the gas is low is water or contaminants in the gas tank. When the gas level is low, the fuel pickup will pull contaminants that would otherwise be floating well away from the inlet.

Honda z50R and i have both jets set at 1.5 turns out from all the way out from all the way inWhen it is started the choke is on full and when you try to turn the choke off it will stall out?

It may stall out.

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What would cause a 2002 Civic to nearly stall out after a short drive and being parked for a short time?

I would guess that you have a cooling problem...if the engine runs too hot the fuel can boil causing a stall like you indicated .

What would make a 1987 Honda Accord lose rpm's and stall during acceleration?

weak fuel pump.

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Why does your 1995 Honda Civic EX drive fine and then suddenly lose gas pressure stall and sometimes the engine even dies?

Check your Fuel pipe. my type r kept doing this and it was because there was a kink in the fuel pipe, also if you have slight slit in the fuel pipe this can also cause the above to happen.

1993 Honda civic when you press the brakes the car begins to stall slowly. When you turn the steering full lock the car idle speed goes and down until the car gets hot.when reversing it cuts out.?

It sounds like you need a new clutch! I have an automatic Transmission just recently installed .

What could cause a 2006 Honda Civic to shake and sometimes stall when starting after AC had been run during last drive?

I dont believe your AC has anything to do with your problem! The shaking may come from your harmonic balancer not being seated correctly and the stalling can be from many differnet things but i would start with the distributor.