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When a car is turn off the water stops circulating, but heat is still being conducted from the warm engine into the water. Aslo warm water rises and the temperatue sender unit is usually placed near the op of the eingine. This causes the temp to rise slightly after turning the engine off

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Where is the engine temperature gauge on a Mazda 3 hatchback 2010?

It has been removed due to being a modern car

Why is car temperature guage reading cold whilst you are driving?

There are several reasons this could be:There is no coolant in the engine to trigger the temperature gauge, this will cause complete engine failure very quicklyThe gauge, wiring or sender are badThe engine temperature control thermostat has jammed open or it has been removed.

Why does the temperature gauge in your 1997 century always read hot?

If it reads hot after the vehicle has been standing overnight, it is dead and needs replacing.

Is there a 14 gauge shot gun?

14 gauge has been made.

Is the cooling fan on a car with a cycling clutch air condition supposed to stay on after car has been turned off?

Many modern cars with electric cooling fans are designed so the cooling fan will continue to run if the engine is hot whether the engine is running or not. This is to eliminate the temperature spike when the motor is turned off. The fan should shut off after the temperature of the motor cools to a certain point. The fan is governed by a temperature switch ( temperature sender ). If the fan runs continuously ( ie doesn't shut off after 5 or so minutes) the temperature switch may be malfunctioning. To test it, with the engine off, disconnect the wire connection to the switch while the engine is cold. Use an ohm meter to check for continutity between the two leads from the sender. While cold the resistance should be infinite ( closed circuit, no continuity). If there is continuity while the motor is cold the switch is bad.

Could something be stuck open to cause a temp gauge not to register cause the fuses have been replaced and also could this cause the check engine light to come on?

Most likely, the temperature gauge's connection is loose. It is usually on the thermostat. An inoperative temperature gauge will cause most check engine lights to come on.

How do you install timing belt for 1993 Nissan Pathfinder the markings are gone?

If the motor has not been turned over without the belt you should be able to put the new belt on where it is..

What year is the Winchester 25 gauge serial number 55484?

Winchester did not make a shotgun chambered in 25 gauge,as a matter of fact there has never been a 25 gauge shotgun made.Available chamberings were 12 gauge,16 gauge,20 gauge,28 gauge,and 410 gauge.

2004 Monte Carlo heater motor blower not working but fueses are good?

One reason a 2004 Monte Carlo heater motor blower may not work is low coolant. You can check the coolant level after the car has been turned off.

20 gauge shotguns have been manufactured?

Yes, 20 gauge is the second most common gauge for shotguns in the last few decades.

How long does it take the water to heat up in a gas water heater that has been drained and refilled as part of the yearly maintenance?

It should not take any longer than it always used to take, to heat the water after you have left it turned off for say a week - like if you went away from home for a holiday. If it does not heat the water you could check two things yourself: * is the Gas supply actually turned "On"? (It may have been left turned "Off".) * has the water temperature thermostat been turned to a very low temperature or even to "Off"? If the Gas supply is definitely "On" and the thermostat setting is set to a normal temperature then something else inside the unit may not have been reset from "Off" to "On" by the technician who did the yearly maintenance. The best advice anyone should give you is to call that maintenance technician back to fix the problem!

Why does the blower motor of a 1992 Buick La Saber stay on after the car has been turned of?

Overheating at the Fan Switch merges contacts inside. Replace the switch and the problem will go away.

Can people actually be turned into a vampire?

It has not yet been proven if a human can be turned into a vampire.

Which gauge indicates the total number your car has been driven since it was manufactured?

The odometer is the gauge that indicates the total number your car has been driven since it was manufactured.

What is a narrow gauge train railway?

Any train track in which the rails are spaced closer together than Standard Gauge, which is 56.5 inches. Common Narrow Gauge widths in North America have been: 15" Gauge 2 foot gauge 30" gauge 36" Gauge (most common in US) 42" Gauge (most common in UK commonwealths)

How many of Charles dickens books have been turned into films?

Only one movie has been turned into a film and the movie is A Christmas Carrol.

Why does the fan come on in the passenger compartment several minutes after the car has been turned off on a 2002 Volvo S80?

The cabin temperature sensor determines that the air temperature is high and automatically turns on the fan to cool down the interior of the car. This is part of the design.

What causes the cooling fan in a 1996 Sebring convertable not to come on after the fuses have been replaced?

Possibilities are: temperature sensor, relay (if it uses one), motor, connector(s). If the fan doesn't turn on when the AC is running, it's probably not the temperature sensor.

Why does the interior lights does not come on when you open the door on a 1999 expedition xlt?

Has the gauge panel dimmer switch , just to the right of your headlight switch , been turned all the way down ? That will keep your interior lights from coming on when you open the door

Why does your water heater turns off?

In m y experience the water's hot, the thermostat's been turned down, the temperature relay needs to be replaced, its blowing fuses or has reached the end of its life

What is a jump shear used for?

Cutting light gauge metal. I've seen these in 3 foot and 4 foot widths. Slip the metal under the blade and jump down on the bar. Some have been adapted with an electric motor.

1972 Mustang won't start after the starter solenoid has been changed it doesn't click when the ignition is turned what could be wrong with it?

Solenoid could be installed incorrectly. Could be electrical connection on the solenoid. Did you re-connect the battery? Could be a bad starter motor...or a stuck starter motor. Sometimes a light tap or two on the starter motor (not the solenoid) with a hammer will free it up.

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