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It is caused by contractions in the womb/uterus

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Q: Why does a girl get period pain?
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What does it mean if the girl has pain during her periods?

It is normal to have pain when a girl is on her period. When a girl is on her period, she usually has pain in the stomach, head or back.

When a boy take a girl virginity does he feel the period pain?

No he feels no pain.

Does having your period give you back pain?

it depends on the girl!not every one's period is the same affect!

You are getting pain after your period what is this?

Many females get slight pain after their period. This pain could be a reaction to the hormones in your system.

Should a 13years girl have feminax capcules?

If she is on her period and needs pain relief, then yeah it's kind of what feminax are for

Will breast pain occur if a girl is pregnant?

Breast tenderness, yes. That usually also occur when you ovulate or get your period.

What does pain after period means?

When the period is over no pain should be felt. Go to a ginecologist.

Does it hurt when a girl has her period?

Yes, it can do. As the body changes, a girl can have pains in her stomach, back and legs. During her period, it can cause dizziness, headaches and diarrhea. However, for many people they experience no pain or problems during their periods

How do you disvirgin a girl without pain?

How can I disvirging a girl without pain

Period pain but no period?

Many women experience period pain a couple of days before the menstrual fluid actually appears.

Can a girl have breast tenderness and no cramps before her period?

Yes. Not everyone gets cramps and there are many indicators of a period, like breast tenderness, back pain and mood swings.

What is the difference between cramping and period pain?

period pain is more lower than cramping and cramping is more pain when you are moving(motion)

Can your period cause you back pain?

Yes, when you have your period you can have back pain. You can also have cramps, bloating, headaches.

Are you getting back pain due to period no period have not come yet?

during period i am having severe pain in lower abdomen and back

Why there is back pain after 20 day after your period?

If you are having pain 20 days after your period this could be ovulation. It could also be an ovarian cyst causing you pain.

Sharp pain in left side of stomach?

if your a girl or woman,this might mean your period is coming.excersising might help.left side pain could also just be stomach cramp.But if the sharp pain happens often and everyday,you should see your doctor

On Naruto is pain a girl or a boy?

pain is a guy

Did sadako have headaches?

Most likely... She had a form of cancer and was in pain for a period of time up until she passed away, that is if you were referring to the girl from hiroshima.

What can cause period with no pain?

Being lucky, or being on pain killers.

Are period pains or getting kicked in the nuts more painful?

I'm a girl and I started my period when I was 11 so I have no choice but to suffer in constant pain for the first 3 days every month for a week.

What is girl period?

a girl period is when a girl will bleed out unused eggs out of her vagina. . . GROSS THOUGH I KNOW!

Naruto Where did they find the girl pain?

pein is not a girl

What happens if a girl doesn't get her period?

a girl 17 hasn't had a period what is wrong

Why monkey's eat banana's?

because, monkeys are just like us. helps period pain. :) Im guessing your a girl and y put an answer like that??

When a virgin has her period does it hurt more then a girl who not a virgin?

Thats a stupid question. it hurts the same, being a virgin does not affect the pain.