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It sounds like you aren't making it too easy for him. Warm up a little, be more friendly and give the poor guy a little encouragement (letting him know you are interested in him.) Many guys are very shy and it's difficult for them to ask out a girl for fear of rejection. Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-03-15 09:43:08
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Q: Why does a guy hint strongly that he loves you but then withdraw?
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How do you ask a guy if he loves you?

Get someone else to do it... Or you can just hint him in, and then wrap it up, by saying: "Do you like me?" and/or: "Who do you like?"

Why did vanessa do that?

she loves this guy named Clayton! she loves this guy named Clayton!

What does it mean when a guy tells you he loves you?

he loves you

Gow do you hint to a guy that you like them?


How do you hint to a guy you like him?

eye flirting

Is it weird if your girlfriend tells her guy friends that she loves them?

It shouldn't be if the guy loves her back.

What are hint to know if a guy likes you?

A hint would be him acting weird around you and if he is really nice to

What is life triangle?

a life triangle can be considered as ...when a guy loves a girl deadly.....but the girls best friend loves that guy madly ..and inspite that,,,,,,,, the girl whom the guy loves cannot tell the guy that she too loves him just because her best friend loves the guy........if anyone has the solution please give me the answer...i love my girl very much...and she to loves me too but still.................................

How do you get a guy to like you for who you are?

Get to know them. Hint that you like the guy WHILE BECOMING FRIENDS. Get to know the guy first.

How do you hint to a guy to ask you out?

give him some weed

Why does your friend hint that guy is happy?

to sure that this guy won't be sad because she have a crush on him....

How would you know if the guy you are with loves you?

you will know if the guy you are with loves you if he respects you, treats you for who you are, and if he can see himself in a future with you.

What signs can i give a guy to hint to him that i like him?

The signs that you can give a guy to hint to to him that you like him include flirting with him, making physical contact, smiling to him, sending him a gift, and many others.

What does love mean when a guy loves a girl or a girl loves a guy?

I think different! They should feel it from the heart!

A guy might like you how do you ask?

You should try to hint at it.

What to do to if you like a guy?

start talking to him and hint you want to go out ;)

What does it mean when a guy says i care for you very much?

that he loves you that he loves you

How do you know if the guy you love loves you back?

the guy tells you

How do you know when a guy loves you?

If a guy loves you he'll talk and look at you and say hi well this is more for crushes not dating

What makes a guy fall in love with a girl?

If a guy loves a curtain girl its only because he loves her for who she is most guys love girls for breasts or their butts but that's not love that's only sexual reactions if a guy loves a girl he would tell her he loves her for who she is.

How do you get guy that loves you to stop loving you?

* *

What if there are no signs that a guy loves you?

Your a goner

How do you no if a guy really loves you?

if he is ugly

What if you show a guy your nice and hes speechless what does it mean?

He really loves you. I mean really loves you. I really love this guy and i get speechles.

What to do if you know a guy loves you but wont admit it?

Find a better guy. If he isn't willing to admit he loves you, he isn't worth your time.