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Air conditioner will sometimes freeze up when the thermostat is not cutting off and allowing the coil to ice up or you can have the thermostat turned down too low and the unit does not have emough air flow to keep it from freezing up. == New answer== It could also be that your system is low on refrigerant. If that is the case you probably have a leak in your system and need to have it checked. A dirty filter could be the culprit, check to see if it is clean.

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Q: Why does a heat pump freeze up when you run the AC?
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If you have a heat pump do you need an ac to to cool the house?

No, the heat pump will also cool the home.

Can ac heat the room in winter?

I'm assuming you have central air conditioning (ac) and not a window unit? If you have an AC unit that is described as a "heat pump" then yes. The heat-pump is designed to heat your home in colder weather. The AC - heat-pum unit should be able to heat your home down to about 20* Fahrenheit. After the heat pump loses it's efficiency, you would manually select emergency heat on your thermostat, this is a good way to determine if you have a heat-pump unit as well .

Does the Goodman CK60-1C have a heat pump?

ck60-1c is not a heat pump. it is an ac only

Heat pump Or gas furnace and AC unit which system to install?

Your location matters. If in Florida heat pump in more northern climes furnace & ac.

Does your ac need freon to run the heater in your home?

Only if you have a heat pump system which is basically an air conditioner which can run in reverse, absorbing heat from outdoors and discharging it indoors via the refrigeration cycle.

How do you convert an AC only unit to a heat pump?

need to change condensing units. from cooling only to heat pump

Why is the ac and heat working at the same time?

The ac unit compressor will run when it is in defroster mode and heat setting is on.

How do you work traine ac?

i have a heat pump made by traine need a book tolearn how to work the ac can you help

Why is your AC blowing cold air outside and warm inside?

That is exactly how a heat pump works in heating mode are you sure it's not a heat pump?

When you turn the heater on should the outside unit be running?

Yes if you have electric heat and it is a heat pump. A heat pump is essentially a AC unit that reverses itself to rejecting heat indoors or outdoors.

Why ac unit fails to heat?

An AC unit isn't supposed to heat! If you mean a heat pump, then you may have a relay switch problem. Or maybe, your thermostat is in the cooling mode. Contact a repairman.

Can you run 0.5hp ac water pump with car battery?

No, the pump runs on AC current the battery supplies DC current. Yes, but you will need an inverter to turn the DC current into AC current

Can you run a 12 volt ac water pump with a 12 volt dc adapter?

No. You need 12 volt AC to run a 12 volt AC motor, not 12 volt DC.

How do you remove ice from outside heat pump when temp is below 16 degrees?

Disconnect the outdoor fan and run the AC until the ice is gone. Be sure to turn off the power when disconnecting/reconnecting the fan. Call someone to get the proper long term fix done, there is a problem with your defrost cycle and it will freeze again.

Why doesnt my Goodman CPLE36 1 central AC unit with heat pump turn on outside but inside it blows air throughout the house though it's not cool air and the heat only works on emergency heat?

The thermostat turns on the heat pump and indoor fan. If an electrical sub circuit to or within the heat pump fails or locks out the heat pump, the outdoor part will not turn on.

Can you run your ac in march when itshot and then if it gets cold again change it to heat?


Where is the ac compressor on a 2000 vw jetta located?

its located in between the power steering pump and alternator when in doubt follow the ac lines that run to and from it

What size ac heat pump in two zone 2242 sq ft house in ga?

3.5 Tons

Why is there steam coming from your home ac?

do you have a heat pump? are you running unit in heat? if so and the steam is comming from outside unit, this is normal in the units defrost cycle

Should the outside unit be running when you use the fan or on option instead of turning on the AC?

The outdoor unit only runs in the AC mode(unless it is a heat pump). If you have the system off and the fan on, the outdoor unit should not be on. You can run the indoor fan only without harming the system.

Goodman ac model CK49 1B electric or heat pump?

Turn the heat on then go to the airhandler, if the larger of the 2 copper pipes (insulated one) gets hot it is a heat pump. If it remains at room temperature your airhandler has an electric heater installed in it.

What is the tonnage of a Goodman heat pump model GSH130241AC?

GSH stands for goodman split heat pump 13 stands for 13 seer 24 stand for tonnage of unit AC is the revision of the unit

How do you reset AC pump on 2003 Honda civic?

They have no reset. An ac pump has no memory board.

Copper pipe freeze AC Unit?

An ac unit that has copper pipes can freeze up just as other pipes can freeze up. Once the unit freezes, you need to turn them off.

My 1984 jeep Cherokee overheats quickly the ac does not work and the thermostat water pump and radiator were changed recently when you run the heat it does cool down but is is still on red?

Check the thermostat to see if it was installed correctly. They can get put in backwards.