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Why does a lot of white smoke emit at idle after a hard revving the engine?

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You may have a blown head gasket. The white smoke may actually be steam from coolant leaking into the combustion chambers. If your car is using a lot of water, this would back up the blown head gasket theory.

White smoke is coolant and black smoke is oil. I agree that this is likely a problem with your head gasket.

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What causes diesel to emit white-grey smoke from exhaust when starting and revving engine?

Injectors, timing, low cylinder pressure.

What causes a '73 Nova to emit white-grey smoke from exhaust when starting and revving engine?

the valve guides could be worn out The carburetor is running fuel rich and needs adjustment. If it were valve guides or rings the smoke would be blue

Why cars emit smoke?

Smoke can come from several things. White smoke when first starting on a cold day is normal. Black smoke indicates the wrong fuel/air mixture. Blue smoke indicates that the engine is burning oil.

Why does your Briggs and Stratton emit white Smoke and burn oil?

White smoke is eaither a blown head gasket or you have water in the fuel system. This is not to be confused with flooding an engine and seeing white vapor coming out of the exaust in which that would NOT be smoke, it would be gas vapor's. If your burning oil, the smoke will be blue and smells of burnt oil.

Why 1992 eagle talon emit a white smoke?

you're gay, that's why

Why does my kohler riding lawnmower emit white smoke?

Lawn morwer white smoke when starting and again when turning it off. Does this hurt it. Do i need oil

Why does a Honda CL90 emit black smoke?

One reason could be a worn engine.

What causes a car to emit large amount of white smoke?

A blown head gasket

Why would a turbo prop aircraft emit white smoke?

Failed internal oil seal

If the grass was not too high what would cause my lawnmower to bog down on thick grass and emit white smoke?

Could be that the lawn was wet and that the white smoke was actually steam.

What to do to prevent pollution produces by smoke belching vehicle?

Service or replace the engine. A vehicle does not emit much smoke if it is in good condition and running properly.

What would cause a Toyota Lucida to emit white smoke?

normally when the engine emits bluish white smoke, the engine oil mixes up with the gasoline in the combustion chamber-as a result of loose compression. White smoke - Water in the exhaust, head gasket gone? check for emulsion on filler cap and do a compression test. Blue smoke - burning oil, check valve stem oil seals, valve guide clearances or piston rings Black smoke - Fuel mixture too rich, go to a garage and have it tuned.

Why is your john deere 2440 blowing white smoke will backfire sometimes and will emit a puff of smoke then run ok.?

White smoke is usually a symptom of a bad head gasket leaking coolant into the cylinder. If the white smoke stops after it warms up it could just be condensation from sitting for a while.

What causes your lawnmower to emit smoke?

your engine is either too full of crankcase oil or you Are on the side of a hill too steep to operate engine on, or#3 YOUR RINGS ARE SHOT

Why does your Toyota MR2 burn white smoke?

White smoke occurs when there is moisture evaporating from the exhaust system from sitting overnight or in cold weather. Your car may also emit white smoke if there is a head gasket leak and the car is burning coolant. In this case, you will need to see a technician immediately.

Why would a 99 grand prix 3800 emit white smoke from exhaust and stall out and die?

Many reasons; check your oil.

What is the cause of a 1994 sunbird to burn excessive oil and continue to emit white smoke upon giving acceleration?

worn piston rings

What happens if you put too much oil in a 2 cycle engine does it ruin the engine?

It may not ruin the engine, but it will foul the spark plug, making the engine run rich and/or hard to start. Will also emit a lot of gray smoke.

Why turbo diesel engine emit black smoke?

I was told by my friend who has a power stroke that it's unburnt fuel. Since they run off of fuel pressure.

Do guns from the 1940s emit smoke after being fired?

Many of them do

Why does your 2002 Volvo S80 T6 emit a peculiar odor and white smoke after idling or being driven a short while then clear up?

White smoke is most often associated with a blown head gasket. If your car is overheating this is more than likely the problem.

What causes a diesel car to emit alot of black smoke and engine misfire and run poorly?

one of the causes of all three symptoms is a bad fuel injector

What would happen if I have a 4 cycle engine with oil and gas mix?

I don't think the oil/gas mix will harm the engine, but the engine will probably emit greyish-blue smoke until the oil/gas is burnt off. Also, the spark plug will probably foul due to the oil, and cause the engine to burn rich and emit black smoke. The engine will probably run rough until all the oil/gas is burnt and you will have to remove and clean the spark plug often. Save yourself the "headache" and drain the oil/gas from the fuel tank.

Why do white smoke emit when after i depress hard on accelaration at idle?

You may have a blown head gasket. The white smoke may actually be steam from the coolant leaking into the combustion chambers. If your car is using a lot of water, this would back up the blown head gasket theory.

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