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Why does blonde hair turn green when swimming?

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Chlorine does this. use a shampoo for silver hair to get it out. some brands are shimmer lights, so silver. The shampoo is purple. It has to be purple to cut the green. It has nothing to do with chlorine. The offender is� copper. Additionally, your pH is out of wack! Check with your water supplier - the water in your house Plumbing is probably at 3.0 ppm. so does your hair turn green then - think not. Correct the pool water pH and total alkalinity and your problems will decrease or disappear. k

A series of events must occur before hair, or anything else in the pool, can turn green. The water must be allowed to become aggressive; it must dissolve some metallic copper, it must have sulfates in it, then � high pH conditions must prevail (values above pH 8.3) to precipitate the stuff that the water had previously dissolved. This last step can happen in the water itself, on the plaster or� in the hair! Green hair color cannot manifest itself without copper in the water, then in the hair � yet neither should be the case in a well-managed pool. Copper simply shouldn't be in your pool. Copper pipes and bronze impellers contribute along with the heater's internal elements. Since pH is by far the most influential variable in the CSI, one could safely say that temporary low pH � caused by acidic sanitizers or by excessive pH correction with acid � is the primary "cause" for this aggressive water. Such water achieves this fulfillment by taking on every metal and mineral in its environment, and that includes generous portions of the pool-system's copper. Everybody's hair absorbs this copper-bearing water. Yes, the black-, brown- and red-headed kids as well as the blonds take on this still invisible dissolved metal. Then the second influence finishes the job: they shampoo. As all normal shampoos have high pH values, the dreaded precipitation occurs. Visible copper appears, providing that lovely shade of turquoise. Blond-haired swimmers are most obvious since there is little pigment there to mask the green effect. And if the hair has been bleached blond you can expect near' twice the effect, as damaged or stripped hair has much more absorbency to hold the copper-bearing water. What can the swimmers do? Rinsing the hair thoroughly and towel drying rather than letting the water evaporate with contents left behind seems most effective. Shampooing with "swimmers' shampoo" helps because it has an intentionally lowered pH to avoid precipitation. The best plan, of course, is to swim in, or operate, a well-managed pool with perfect, copper-free water. If your swimmers are already affected, you can assure them that the color will fade after multiple shampoos.

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What chemical is known to make blonde hair turn green?

chlorine it is known to turn light blonde hair a greenish color. so if your a blonde always wash your hair after swimming in a chlorine pool.

Will you hair go green if you go swimming after you dye your hair?

The chlorine in the swimming pool caused your hair to turn green

What are the disadvantages of chlorine?

it will turn your blonde hair green

Will your hair turn green if you go to a water park?

your hair shouldn't turn green unless you bleached it then dyed it blonde

How can you turn your hair green?

If your hair is blonde, you can buy green hair dye and dye it according to directions or get it done at a professional salon. If your hair is darker, then you have to bleach it then add color to your hair. This can also be done at a salon. If you are asking for like a way to turn your hair green by accident, if your hair is blonde and you leave chlorine in it too long, eventually your hair reacts and it turns green.

Will sun-in turn your hair green when you swim?

Sun-In will not turn your hair green if you swim. The reason that hair will turn green when swimming is due to the chemicals in the pool. When your hair is damaged, the chemicals soak in and that is what causes the color change.

Will chlorine help to lighten your hair?

yes but it is really bad for your hair and if you are blonde it wil turn your hair green

Why would a salt water swimming pool turn blonde hair green?

It is not the salt water pool or the salt water that is turning your hair green. It is a poorly maintained pool with a chemical imbalance - pH and total alkalinity out of required parameters.

What happens if you use a blonde hair dye on black hair?

It would probably turn out ginger , if you had brown hair it would turn green :S

If I have quite dark brown hair and am thinking of having blonde highlights with a blonde fringe will chlorine from a pool turn it green?

the answer to your question is yes. i know from expierience lol i dyed my hair blonde and went swimming about 2 weeks later and now i have green hair lol. it doesnt look very nice but i would advise against it because it is really noticable. it wont go dark green it will go light green. hope this helped! Try using Ion Swimmer's Conditioner and work it through hair prior to swimming. This helps protect against sun damage, prevents green brittle hair, and helps correct damage from Chlorine.

How do you get green out of a child's hair from swimming pool?

the chlorine make blond hair turn green. if you use chlorine shampoo it should get it out.

Does chlorine copper and water make blonde hair turn green?

It isn't the chlorine. Copper in the water is absorbed by the hair, when the hair is washed; the copper oxidizes & turns green

If you put proxide in your hair with out chemicals in it would it still turn your hair burgendy?

No, it will turn your hair blonde. Very blonde, actually.

If you swim and rinse your hair right after will it still turn green?

If you suffer from 'green hair' after swimming, there are special shampoos you can buy to prevent this ROM happening. Always wash hair and shower after using a swimming pool, as they are full of chemicals.

Why does your hair turn green when I go Swimming?

it only happens to people who have blond hair, the clorine in the pool turn it green, its just like when u mix two colours together they turn a different colour

What colour does the sun turn strawberry blonde hair?


Does swimming ruin your hair color?

Yes, if you are swimming in a pool that has chlorine in it. Some other chemicals added to swimming pools to clean the water react with your hair. It can turn blond hair green and it can change the color if you have dyed or rinsed your hair color.

How do you get your hair to turn blonde?

Bleach it!!

If I RE dye my hair from fake blonde to Medium brown like Cheryl Coles colour with a box dye at home will my hair go orange or green?

That depends. If the fake blonde is like a BLEACH blonde or Really light , It might turn green, But if its bleached it will turn green, So if you have bleached it Leave it in for about an hour. That's what I did. The ending result turned out great ! I hope this works for yhu.

You have blonde hair if you buy dark brown store bought coloring will it work correctly and stay in your hair?

it is worth a try, but i have blonde hair and i tried to dye it brown and it didnt work. blonde hair is hard to dye, because if it is not very professionally done, it could turn green! xx

Does blond semi permanent hair dye work. Don't just say yes. Give me information?

yes it does but watch for if you have dark hair it will more likely just be light than the hair you have now but not blonde. Watch as well for really light hair it could just turn white. Do not go swimming with semi-perminatnte hair die as blonde turns green in chlorine.

What makes your hair turn green in a swimming pool?

It's only in old swimming pools, and it's not chlorine, it's the old copper pipe system in the pools that turn it!

Why do you have to wait 1 week to get in pool after you bleach your hair?

Not sure about the week part but the chemicals in a pool will turn blonde green. No joking was in a pool as a kid and my hair was an algae green for a while after

Why does blonde hair turn orange?

blonde hair has been known to turn orange when it is washed with well water, which is more likely to have rust in it.

Tonight I'm bleaching my hair but I want to go swimming Even if I rinse out the chlorine before I bleach it will it turn my hair green?

Chlorine does not turn hair green. Copper in the pool water is the culprit. If you wash your hair before you bleach it, it should not turn green from an earlier swim. If you are concerned about copper in your hair, rinse your hair with white vinegar. That will break down the copper and remove it.