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Possibly the same reason it has a blue line in the USA to show it is compatible to type L tubing used for domestic water supply.

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What is the white-blue buildup on outside of copper pipe to hot water heater?

It is copper oxidation.

What is the difference between red and blue grade copper pipe?

Wall thickness

What is the colour for hot water pipe line?

Use red pex pipe for hot and blue for cold

How much does a copper pipe weigh?

This depends on the size of the copper pipe and what class it is. For example, copper pipe half inch class 0 and copper pipe class 3 have a wide weight difference because the wall of the class 3 copper pipe is much thicker.

Is a copper pipe a conductor or an insulator?

A copper pipe is a conductor :) x

How do you join copper pipe to copper pipe?

In some applications, copper pipe can be TIG or MIG welded to copper pipe or to fittings. One example might be in antenna construction, but this is not what we usually encounter. Normally we braze or solder copper pipe to other copper pipe. We can also use a number of mechanical connections like compression fittings. Flare fittings are an example of this.

What is the pipe line colour coding of LPG liquid line?

it must be golden yellow with blue band

Filters of medical gas copper pipe line?

we are one of the largest manufactuer of copper and brass pipes, some of our copper pipes for medical gas using.

What is the value of copper pipe?

$34.89 installed per foot is the value of copper pipe.

Can it be used for copper pipe?

I am sorry, but can you PLEASE rephrase your question? Can WHAT be used for copper pipe? When? How? Why?

How to dope copper to copper connections?

Teflon tape, Hercules Pro dope, pipe joint compound and quick wick , Pipe joint compound without quick quick wick , Blue block ,Teflon paste

What copper tube is available when using the grooved method of joining?

Grooved method? Threads on the end of the pipe? There is no tube or pipe in copper with threads. You can end a copper pipe with a connection that is threaded to accept steel pipe.

How do you join a large plastic pipe to a smaller copper pipe?

If it is a pressure pipe, you would reduce the plastic down to the copper pipes size with reducer fittings and then use one to go to copper. If a waste line and the difference is not too great, you can use a rubber coupling that is the right size on each end and held on with hose clamps.

What kind of pipe to use for underground water line?

Type K copperAns 2 - You don't say for what purpose. - Generally if it's a well line from well or pump to the house there is special Poly/rubber well pipe. If it's lower pressure for a swimming pool or similar, then PVC pipe. -(both are cheaper and more durable than copper )

Could they damage a central heating copper pipe?

It is very easy to damage any copper pipe.

How do you connect copper pipe?

YOU thread or braze copper pipe Copper tubling you solder, braze, flaire, compression ring, mechincal joints

How do you know if you have copper or steel drinking water pipes?

Galvanized pipe will be silver/gray color. Copper will be copper. Use a magnet, it'll stick to galvanized pipe but not to copper. Drinking water lines should not be black steel pipe.

Is a copper pipe transparent?


What is a sweat inlet?

It is probably referring to the type of fitting. A fitting that is soldered to a copper pipe. It is called sweating when you use solder and a torch to connect copper pipe together or attach fittings to copper pipe.

What is the colour code of liquid fied petroleum gas pipe line?

it is yellow with blue band

Will carbon steel pipe touching copper pipe cause electrolysis in plumbing situations?

will carbon steel pipe touching copper pipe cause electrolysis in plumbing situations using water.

Can you use soldering copper pipe fittings for gas?

It is not a good idea to use copper pipe with natural gas as any sulphur compounds in the gas can cause an oxide to form in the copper pipe. Often copper is used with propane. In these instances, soft copper tubing is usually used with compression fittings. The tools required are, pipe cutter and 2 wrenches.

What is the colour code for a liquid pipe line and a air pipe line?

reticulated system pipe line colour code

What is the properties of copper pipe?

The most important property of copper pipe is it's corrosion resistance to water and atmospheric exposure

Why does leaking problem is unlikely to occur if a plastic water pipe is used instead of a copper water pipe?

Copper can rust

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