Why does my 1999 corvette run hot you just had my head gaskets replaced you need help?

This Engine Has Aluminum Heads. They Should Have Been Tested For Cracks And Surfaced To Be Sure Of No Leaks Or Warpage. If The Engine Ran Hot & Blew Gaskets, You Could Have Craked Heads, Or More Simple A Thermostat Not Opening, Not Enough Coolant Flowing ( Radiator Stopping Up ) Weak Water Pump, Not Likely Though, It Would Leak. Run It Into A Radiator Shop. They Can Pressure Test It, To See If You Have A Leak( Internal Or Otherwise ) Also Your Fan Clutch May Be Bad===The Fan Is Bolted To It Then It Is Bolted To The Water Pump. It Works Like This, When The Engine Is Cold It Lets The Fan Not Run Very Fast So The Engine Will Get To Operating Temp. Faster Then When Engine Get Hotter It Will Not Engage And Run The Fan Faster Keeping The Engine Cooler. Well Heck. Radiator Shop Is Best Bet.