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When this problem happens I would always replace the stat first.Make sure you bleed all the air out of the cooling system by allowing the car to run at idle for about 30 minutes with the rad cap off.

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Q: Why does my 2001 Honda Civic overheat but still produce heat when the radiator and all hoses have checked out fine is this a thermostat problem?
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I had the thermostat radiator cap and radiator replaced on a 2001 Mitsubishi galant and it still overheats sitting at idle and while driving Any ideas on what the problem is?

have the engine timing checked. if the timing is wrong the engine will overheat, are you loosing coolant?is the fan working, is the water pump working?

What could be causing your 200 BMW 528i to overheat?

There are a few things that could be causing your 200 BMW 528i to overheat. You may not have the correct mixture of coolant in the vehicle. The problem could also be your thermostat. Have the thermostat checked out to ensure that it is working as it should.

Why does your 1994 Mercury Villager overheat with a new thermostat?

Either the thermostat was not the problem, or you put it in backwards.

What would make my 2004 dodge ram 1500 overheat when its a new thermostat and the water pump is ok?

I have the same problem and I think that I have found out that the radiator is too small for the size of the truck.

Car starts to overheat when idling and heater does not blow hot air radiator fan does not kick on when car heats up what could be the problem?

either the thermostat or the fan is no good. You would need to locate the thermostat and see if its stuck open or closed!

Why does a car overheat in cold weather?

The engine produces heat no matter the weather. The cooling system must have a problem such as a bad thermostat, bad fan clutch, plugged radiator, missing radiator shroud or low on coolant because of a leak somewhere.

Why does 2003 Olds silhouette overheat?

I have the same problem on my 2002. I have replaced the relay switch, verified the fan kicks on, verified the upper radiator hose is hot. I am going to replace the thermostat to see if that helps...

What could be causing a car to overheat when driving but not while sitting idle The radiator cap and thermostat have all been replaced and you have no known system leaks But you still have a problem?

Clogged radiator, bad water pump, defective fan or fan thermal relay.

How do you change the thermostat on a 2004 avalanche?

Find and disconnect the upper radiator hose. This will be a hose going from the top of the radiator to the top of the engine block somewhere. The upper radiator hose attaches to the thermostat housing, which is usually secured by 2 or 4 bolts. The thermostat is inside and you will probably need a pick to get it out. Having said that, your thermostat probably isn't the problem if you are overheating. GM motors have really bad intake gasket design, which can cause your car to leak coolant, which will in turn cause it to overheat.

What makes an engine overheat instantly even though thermostat is removed?

Make Sure That Your Fan Is Running For Cooling The Radiator. Put A New Thermostat Back In. It Will Run Hot Without One. The Water Will Not Stay In The Radiator Long Enough To Cool. If This Doesn`t Help, Have a Good Radiator Shop Look At It For You. Also You May Want To Resumit A Question as To What Happened If This Did Not Cure The Problem. Thank You

You replaced the thermostat in your 2001 Chevy venture but the van is still overheating the top radiator hose is hard and hot to the touch like the thermostat is not opening up please advise?

The top radiator hose is above the thermostat. If the top radiator hose is hot, the thermostat is opening. The thermostat is not the problem. Perhaps the radiator is clogged up or the water pump is bad. Look elsewhere.

Your 1993 STS sHow is hot engine then coolant overheat the engine water pump thermostat radiator have all been replaced What is the problem the fans are working fine?

Check your cooling fans in front of the radiator. It could be a relay or fuse to your high speed fan motor. Also, check your coolant temp sensor, antifreeze level, and or thermostat again.

1994 Chevrolet cavalier changed heater core and thermostat what next no heat?

im having the same problem with my 1994 I've replaced the heater core,thermostat,radiator,i checked the coolant, and it's not over heating or nothing and still no heat lol

Your 306 does not overheat but loses water from the overfill pipe after long journeys why?

Pressure builds up in the radiator and is released at a preset range by the radiator cap. First replace the cap and if the problem persists replace the thermostat, if still no luck you may have a head gasket pressure leak, if so the problem will continue to get worse until it becomes undriveable.

What would cause your 2002 Saturn sl1 to overheat while idling and water to boil out of cap on overflow tank even after radiator water pump and thermostat were replaced?

If the electric cooling fan(s) are not coming on that may be the problem.

Why would a Peugeot 106 continue to overheat but faster after the radiator was drained flushed and refilled with coolant?

I hope you replaced the coolant with a 50/50 mix of coolant and water. Pure coolant will overheat and freeze quicker than a mix. You should have replaced the thermostat, and checked the water pump, and fans for proper operation. Also after draining and refill the cooling system, it must be bled properly, which I suspect is your problem. Trapped air in the system will cause the engine to overheat.Answeri had this problem you've got to wait for the water to circulate. just open the cap and pour more water in (i put 2L of water in)

Is the thermostat the problem when my 1998 Pontiac transport overheats and the top radiator hose isn''t getting hot and the heater blows cold air?

It could be the thermostat. Open up the radiator cap when it is hot and see if the water is flowing in the radiator. If it is not then it may be a thermostat.

How do you know if your car needs a new thermostat?

If your radiator isnt leaking and car is having a over heating problem and coolant spewing out. Chances are your thermostat needs replaced. possible the radiator needs to be flushed. But more likley its thermostat

Im looking at buying a 98 jeep Cherokee sport that has overheating issues he said the radiatorwater pump and thermostat was changed but still hits 260what can be wrongis it worth buying?

Hi have you checked the radiator for blockage if it is blowing water back out the radiator this could be the problem.

Your kia Rio overheats and blows out cold air you changed the thermostat But still have the problem?

You have not bleed the air out of the system after you installed the t-stat, causing the heater not to work and the engine to overheat. Use a coolant filler that screws into the radiator and get the air out

How do you know if engine block is crack?

You need to have it tested by a knowledgeable mechanic. They use some kind of blue liquid that should stay blue during the test. If it turns yellow, you have a problem. If your car is running hot and nothing else has solved the problem (thermostat, radiator flushed, leaking radiator, hose or pump..., you should have it checked.

Golf 4 gti overheats but radiator stays coolwhat could be the problem?

Your thermostat is stuck closed. you will need to replace it. The thermostat controls the circulation through the radiator - when the engine heats up the thermostat is meant to switch circulation from just-engine to engine+radiator. Sounds like this isn't happening.

You hAve a 350 engine in a 1968 camaro that gets hot when you stop the car what is the problem?

Sounds like a fan or fan shroud problem, but you could also be dealing with a plugged radiator, undersize radiator, or thermostat problem.

Pontiac GTP Temperature gauge overheating but it's not?

it could be your thermostat on the radiator. if it is then you could be causing some severe damage to the engine and radiator. i recommend that you take it in to be checked out. a simple problem like that can lead to something far more damaging and expensive in the long run if let go.

Is it safe to drive a car leaking antifreeze?

No it is not. It could be a problem with the radiator, a radiator hose or a water pump. In any situation, it could cause the motor to overheat and damage it severely.