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It's a Chevy! It is quite possible that you have a problem with your suspension or are in need of a new set of tires. Maybe both.

2008-11-24 07:13:03
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How do you know when radiator is full on 1995 caprice?

You fill it with coolant in the recovery tank. There are marks on it for hot and cold levels. tg

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2000 Grand Voyager V6 - Every time you take a hard left or accelerate while turning left the parking brake light comes on then when you straighten out it goes off any ideas?

Check your brake fluid levels

Why are Jake brakes often banned on trucks?

Local municipalities often ban their use within city limits, or on freeways that pass by residential areas, because of undesirable noise levels they supposedly produce. However, modern technological improvements in engine brake design have reduced the noise levels to a mere whisper; and from a trucker's perspective, this arbitrary limitation on "jake brake" usage fails to consider their primary function as a safety device in helping to decelerate heavy commercial vehicles in downhill traffic.

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What problem is there with exhaust smell and shaking engine?

First of All Get a Engine Diagostics and see if there are any problems and fix them from a Prof Machenic If your car has not been tuned then change the spark plug, spark plug wires, fuel line filter. If this does not solve then change the distributer cap. That should solve the basic prolems of Shaking engine. Also check for the engine oil levels from time to time for the exhaust smell. (if car is old do put the engine oil treatmet like MOTOR UP, and other...which are available in the market)

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