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First of All Get a Engine Diagostics and see if there are any problems and fix them from a Prof Machenic If your car has not been tuned then change the spark plug, spark plug wires, fuel line filter. If this does not solve then change the distributer cap. That should solve the basic prolems of Shaking engine. Also check for the engine oil levels from time to time for the exhaust smell. (if car is old do put the engine oil treatmet like MOTOR UP, and other...which are available in the market)

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Q: What problem is there with exhaust smell and shaking engine?
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Since morn your car has started shaking and not functioning properlyi can also smell a burning smell coming through fans and also the boot?

Since this morn my car has started shaking and not functioning properly. I can also smell a burning smell coming through the fans and the boot? Could this be the Exhaust?

Why do you smell fumes from your 92 dodge shadow?

you could have a small hole in your exhaust between your engine and your can patch the exhaust or replace your exhaust

What causes an engine to run rough no check engine lamp on and a strong fuel smell coming out of exhaust in 1994 Chevy caprice with a 265 CID engine?

Try replacing your Oxygen sensors they are located on the catalytic converter. I had the same problem with my 94 Caprice and that turned out to be the problem.

Why can you smell exhaust coming through the dashboard in your 1992 Volkswagen Eurovan?

You can smell exhaust because your exhaust pipes and exhaust system has worn out. As a result, the exhaust and carbon monoxide it contains leaks inside the van. Soon, it will not be a problem because the carbon monoxide will have killed all of you.

How to tell what O2 sensor is bad on 2004 jeep wrangler?

Check engine light (usually), sulpher/egg smell from exhaust, severly decreased fuel economy, sooty exhaust/tailpipe Check engine light (usually), sulpher/egg smell from exhaust, severly decreased fuel economy, sooty exhaust/tailpipe

Can exhaust fumes come through heater?

Yes a little can if your Donut which connects your engine to your exhaust pipe is broken, cracked , it is locate under where your feet set in the center under neath your car. Had a problem with mine doesn't smell to good ...

Why do the new diesel engine exhaust fumes smell pleasant fresh and clean?

They don't. You need to stop sniffing exhaust fumes, mister.

How can you tell a Harley has an exhaust leak?

The engine may backfire excessively. You may also smell a strong exhaust odor in the riding position. In worst cases, it can cause the engine to run lean.

Why can you smell fumes when the heater is on?

two things, exhaust has a leak of gases or fuel leak from engine bay

1994 Ford ThunderBird LX and It had a vacumn hose problem I replaced that but there is still a strong gas smell coming from the engine and or the exhaust. What Could it Be?

clean your maf(mass air flow sensor)

Smell of antifreeze but no leak?

My 3.8 Impala had a slight antifreeze smell from the engine compartment, and was much worse at the exhaust It was also missing, the problem was the upper intake plenum. I know that on this motor it is a common problem, and can quickly progress to the point of the car no longer running. You could have a small leak anywhere that is evaporating before it can drip.

I have white smoke roaring out of my exhaust pipes doesn't smell like antifreeze The car shakes but when I disconnect the mass air flow sensor it stops shaking but the smoke continues?

Check your fluid level in your cooling system. Run the engine and check the fluid level after several minutes to see if in fact it is your coolant entering the exhaust system. If this is the case your engine block could be cracked and might have to be replaced.

Why would you have an exhaust smell in your car before you start the engine then once the car is driven the smell is nonexistent?

Any exhaust smell in a car cab indicates an exhaust leak somewhere along the line. Th reason you don't smell it while driving is because the air flowing air under the car is blowing the exhaust gasses away before it can rise into the cab. After the car sits for a while, the gasses seep out of the leak, and up into the cab.

Can having an old engine cause a bad smell coming out of the exhaust?

Having a dead skunk in the exhaust might be your problem. It's serious, I get it a lot in my Camaro. if it smells like rotten eggs its a bad catalytic converter....chances are its this much more likely than a dead skunk.

What can cause exhaust smell inside a car?

Ur exhaust....

1996 Volkswagen GTI 2.0L Why does the exhaust smell like burning plastic?

look to see if exhaust is touching plastic somewhere. (get under car) engine probly isn't the cause.

What if Your 2002 Chevy trailblazer is shaking sometimes and when shaking has a funny smell Any ideas?

Google for 'misfire'.

Will replacing a catalytic converter eliminate the smell in an exhaust?

Depends on what the smell is and what is causing it. Have the catalytic converter tested before you spend the money to replace it. It maybe something else causing this problem.

What is a problem you might notice using your sense of smell?

A fuel leak. A coolant leak, coolant has a sweet smell. An exhaust leak. A burnt clutch. A burnt rubber smell, from a slipping accessory belt/tensioner or rubber contacting the exhaust. A Moldy smell with the A/C on from a dirty/moldy evaporator. An oil leak, if it is leaking near the exhaust manifold, from say the valve cover. A smell from burnt brakes from a faulty brake caliper. A burnt plastic smell, from plastic melting against the exhaust( wiring loom, or plastic bag on catalytic converter). A. mildew smell caused by a water leak, clogged evap case drain, flogged sunroof drain.

Why do you smell rear end oil in the cab of your 2010 avalanche?

I had this problem, the smell was coming from the sleeve over the shifter in a manual Toyota tacoma. My friend, a qualified mechanic, said it was probably a failed seal between the cab and belly of the vehicle that allowed oil burning off the exhaust from the engine, into the cab.

Is it safe to drive your car with burning smell from exhaust?

No. have exhaust checked/repaired

Burnt rubber smell when driving?

Here is a couple possibles, Engine or transmission oil leaking onto the hot exhaust. Plastic shopping bag caught onto exhaust system. Yesterdays chilli

Why does my Pontiac 6000 engine smell inside the car gives me a headache?

Carbon monoxide (exhaust gas) will cause a headache. It can also induce uncontrollable sleepiness. Have this checked immediately. Chances are you have an exhaust leak.

Why would an engine smoke and smell like burning rubber?

Possibly a problem with one of your belts?

Why does my car's exhaust smells like bleach?

don't ever smell your car's exhaust.