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HUH??Honey, that is way too long of a sentence 4 me! Yours truly, ???
2011-09-13 23:59:04
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Who wrote Sometimes a Great Notion?

Ken Kesey wrote Sometimes a Great Notion.

How many pages does Sometimes a Great Notion have?

Sometimes a Great Notion has 715 pages.

What is an electrical circit?

Sometimes great (and electrical ) and sometimes... fun!

What is the ISBN of Sometimes a Great Notion?

The ISBN of Sometimes a Great Notion is 0-14-303986-5.

What is the duration of Sometimes a Great Notion film?

The duration of Sometimes a Great Notion - film - is 1.88 hours.

What are the Great Plains sometimes called?

The great plains are sometimes called the Interior plains or the high plains because of their location and elevation.

When was Sometimes a Great Notion - film - created?

Sometimes a Great Notion - film - was created on 1970-12-31.

Is it ok to ask out a girl you hardly know?

No, its not that okay to ask out a girl you hardly know as sometimes she might be a backstabber! I once remember my ex dating a girl he hardly knew to make someone jealous later on the girl put him in great trouble and had him arrested.. You just gotta be very careful about it! otherwise your wish!

Is every species of shark dangerous'?

No, in fact hardly any species are dangerous. The only sharks that I know that will attack are the Bull Shark and the Great White Shark. Even to each other. (Sometimes)

What were the Iroquois beliefs?

Believed in a Great Spirit,their creator. believed in other spirits that were sometimes good,sometimes bad.

Where cuttlefish lives?

In the ocean, sometimes at great depths

Where was sometimes a great notion filmed?

Kernville, Oregon

Is Kobe Bryant a great player?

sometimes, but not always

Can a red ear slider and a painted turtle live together?

Sometimes there will be aggression between the two and sometimes they will get along great.

Who was tituba?

Tituba was a slave that confessed to seeing the devil who appeared to her sometimes like a hog and sometimes like a great dog

Does great white sharks have predators?

Humans sometimes kill them

What was World War 1 sometimes called?

The Great War

Is Britain part of Great Britain?

Yes, they are both the same, the 'Great' is sometimes dropped.

What animal is shy but confident sometimes and individual?

There are quite a few animals that are considered shy but confident sometimes and individual. Dogs are a great example.

What desert animals hunt at night?

Sometimes the Great Horned Sheep

What is land that is sometimes underwater or has soil with a great deal of moisture?

the answer is wetland

How old can a great white shark be?

sometimes over 100 years

How does the duck sound?

sometimes awful but very great for little kids!

What is a great ocean wave that is sometimes caused by an earthquake called?

A Tsunami.

Do great egrets migrate?

They partially migrate, meaning they sometimes migrate.