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the size of accent gas tank

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βˆ™ 2008-03-23 00:46:02
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Q: Why does my fuel tank on dashboard always stays on in my 2001 Hyundai accent gl?
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What do Volvo dashboard lights mean?

orange light with car and 2 wiggle lines at back of it. it always stays on

Why does Air conditationingin my 2004 Hyundai accent stay on?

It stays on if the a/c setting is at MAX. Turn the setting to normal. A/C will then shut off when a/c button is pushed.

What does volt light mean on dashboard?

If the light stays on it indicates your charging system has malfunctioned. Usually this means the alternator has failed, but not always.

What do you do if trunk light stays on and drains battery on a 2003 Hyundai accent?

The simple fix is to remove the bulb from the trunk light. The more complicated fix is to find out why it is staying on. More than likely the switch is bad.

Hot to reset ABS on 1 1998 Hyundai tiburon ABS light stays on always.?

If you fix the problem causing the light to come on, it will go off.

What does a light on dashboard that looks like light bulb mean when it come on and stays on?

You have a headlight out.

Why does Dashboard brake light stays on 02 cav?

Could be low on brake fluid, time to have the brakes checked.

What stays the same but always changes?

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What is always traveling but stays on the side?


What does the dashboard battery light mean on a Chevy Suburban?

If it stays on there is a problem with the charging system. Most likely a defective alternator.

What always stays the same in a compound?

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Installing input speed sensor in a Hyundai xg350 2001?

the engine light stays on. Hyundai dealer wants 241 plus to install and fix. Does using car with engine light on do damage?

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