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engine coolant temperature sensor is faulty. engine coolant temperature sensor is faulty. engine coolant temperature sensor is faulty. engine coolant temperature sensor is faulty. engine coolant temperature sensor is faulty.

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Why does it cut out on cold start?

because the engine is cold and you need to keep the engine warm.

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What will make your 1986 Toyota MR2 cut off when you stop after the engine get warm?

fuel pump or vaccum leak ????

Vw golf gti Engine cuts out when temperature rises?

The engine may cut out when the temperature rises because the engine could be overheating. It is best to have a mechanic inspect the car and make any necessary repairs.

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Why when you do long ride with your gsr 2000 you have cut off at 5000 rpm .. at beginning cut off a 8200 at usual?

The fuel pressure could be dropping as the engine runs for a while. It could be as simple as a fuel filter that gets blocked as you drive, or it could be the fuel pump pickup screen inside the fuel tank or even the fuel pump that starts to fail when it gets warm. There are plenty of other possibilities, but those would probably show up on an engine diagnostic scan.

Why does the fan on a Ford Falcon EL not cut in until the engine gets very hot particularly when sitting in traffic?

because it doesn't

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Why would your Nissan d21 keep cutting out when warm?

The most common reason for an engine to cut out when it is warm is a bad fuel pump. The fuel pump may have a bad connection. When it warms up it expands and loses its connection.

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What would cause my VW golf to cut out whist driving

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Why would a 1986 AE82 Toyota Torolla 4ac engine cut out once the engine starts to warm up if it appears lectrical and you have changed distributer cap ignition coil and ignition module?

Car had a faulty immobilizer that caused the problem.