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Check your hose for leaks? It might just be how well your hose was put on or a bad washer. Or is it the pump it self?

2010-01-10 17:33:38
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Do power steering sealers work?

I've had very good luck using power steering sealers especially on Ford products. If the hose or steering rack is not pouring out fluid, you may have good luck with it.

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How do you drain power steering fluid in a 1990 golf?

Disconnect the return line (from the steering rack) at the power steering fluid reservoir. Place it in a drain pan. Run the engine while pouring the new fluid into the reservoir. After the new fluid starts coming out of the hose, shut off the engine, reconnect the hose and refill the reservoir.

Why would I have coolant pouring out a rubber elbow underneath the car?

are you sure it is coolant? is the elbow located on the firewall? if that's the case then it's not coolant, it's condensation from the AC doing what it is supposed to do.

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generally this means that the seals are worn and either need to be replaced or could be more cost efficient to replace then entire unit.

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