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Ruff AnswerChrysler New Yorker Has A Picky Anti Theft System, I Understand that if that's flashing when trying to start, means the Theft System Wasnt Turned off, What i Would Try And do is Shut Your Drive or Pass Door, put Your Key into it and lock then unlock your door and try again. Doing This Has Deactivated My Alarm When I Had The window Down and pulled the lock and it went off.
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Q: Why does replacing the battery in a 1993 Chrysler New Yorker cause the anti theft light to flash but the car will not start?
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What would cause a 1992 Chrysler New Yorker to drain the battery if the car is not driven within two days if the ambient temperature is above 70 degrees?

Check alternator

Can the engine computer cause the alternator to not charge on a 1991 Chrysler New Yorker?

Yes, the computer is the voltage regulator.

Battery drainage on 1997 Chrysler town and country and is not alternator could it be that the radiator needs flushing which it does but would it cause battery to drain?

A raidator in need of a flush will not cause a battery drain.

What would cause the battery light to stay on after replacing with a new battery in a 2000 Nissan altima?

alternator or bad wires

Could computer on Chrysler new yorker be malfunctioning and cause vehicle to sometimes not start and cut off?

Yes, that is one of many possible causes.

Why do the air shocks keep running most the time on a 1993 Chrysler New Yorker?

Most likely cause is a leak. Could be a shock or a line.

What would cause a battery to drain on a 62 Lincoln if nothing is on?

If no light is on and no relay is stuck then the battery has a dead cell and needs replacing.

What ruined the battery as it was perfect when it was tested but after replacing the starter which was not the cause of the car not starting and then replacing the computer the battery had a bad cell?

You shorted it out, try protecting the wire ends from touching anything metal next time. the wire ends on the battery?

What size battery does a 1993 Chevy s-10 require and if you put a bigger battery in will it cause problems?

Battery size is measure in 2 ways. The actual physical dimensions of the battery and the size in Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). Purchase a battery that is physically the same size as the battery you are replacing or it will not fit. You can purchase a battery with a higher CCA capacity than the one you are replacing. This will cause no problems at all, and will just be a better battery, especially in the winter.

Why does the display show but no readings on 88 New Yorker?

There could be various reason why the display could show but no readings appear on a 1988 Chrysler New Yorker. A faulty sensor can cause this issue. A scanner can help diagnose any faults that may be in place.

Why does your 1989 Chrysler new yorker only overheat when driving but not when just idling in one place and the fan switches on and off correctly?

A likely cause is an internally restricted radiator.

90 Chrysler New Yorker brake fluid squirts out of front master cylinder reservoir no leaks in stystem no brake pedal at all what is the cause?

Bad master cylinder.

Chrysler Town and Country won't start?

There can be several causes that your Chrysler town and country won't start. The most common cause of a vehicle not starting is a dead battery.

What else could cause chrysler concorde to make a clicking sound when trying to start?

Weak battery, corroded or loose battery cables, failed starter.

What does plip battery mean on peugeot 307?

The PLIP battery on the Peugeot 307 means that the battery is in need of charging. It can also mean there is a problem with the battery cables or the battery needs to be replaced. Not replacing the battery when necessary can also cause problems for the alternator.

How do you reset check engine light 91 Chrysler 5th ave?

Repair the cause of the code, reset with a scan tool or by unhooking the battery.Repair the cause of the code, reset with a scan tool or by unhooking the battery.

What cause a 1988 Volvo to not start but when jumped works perfectly and nothing is wrong with the battery?

try replacing the alternator

What would cause your 1992 Chrysler new yorker to choke out while driving then stall out for 30-45 min?

check the ignition coil probably becomes open circuit when hot

What would cause a 1998 Chrysler Concorde to blow on high only when heat or air are turned on?

Blower motor resistor may need replacing

How do you clear the check engine light on 1998 Chrysler Concorde LXI?

After repairing the cause, you can reset with a scan tool or by unhooking the battery.

What would cause a 1997 Grand Am GT not to start after replacing the alternator?

is your battery in good condition and fully charged? is your starter good?

What causes a battery to loose charge on a 1998 polaris 300 explorer?

A dead cell in the battery or something is on, such as the headlights. A stuck relay will also cause this. More likely than not, the battery has a dead cell and needs replacing.

Where can you find a diagram of the turn signal flashers in a 1991 Chrysler New Yorker?

When parts stop working, a diagram can help pinpoint the cause. The diagram for the turn signal lights on this car can be found in its maintenance manual.

Why does the battery on your Lexus 1998 es300 go dead?

You either have a battery that has a dead cell and needs replacing or something is on pulling power from the battery. Can be any light on the vehicle or a stuck relay. In rare instances a defective alternator can cause this.

How do you reset the check engine light 1994 Chrysler Concorde?

After fixing the cause of the problem. you clear code with a scan tool, or by unhooking the battery.