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Why does the Battery light come on when you come to a stop in the 1998 Pontiac Gran Prix?

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Loose connections from the body electrical strap to the engine. You said battery but do you mean the charge light?

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Where is radiator drain plug on 2003 Pontiac gran am gt?

Right under the battery

What do I need to do to reset the service theft system light on Pontiac grand gran am?

disconnect the battery then reconnect. easiest way to reprogram any car computer..

What kind of oil does the supercharger take in a 1998 Pontiac gran prix gtp?

Supercharger oil.

How do you clean the throttle body on a 2000 Pontiac Gran Prix?

"How do you clean the throttle body on a 2000 Pontiac Gran Prix?"

What is the car from the movie Sonny?

pontiac gran am

What does the g in pontiac g6 stand for?


P0446 engine light on your Pontiac gran am?

Trouble code P0446 means:Evaporative emission control system vent control circuit malfunction

How do I replace the Water pump Belt tension pully mount 1998 Pontiac gran prix 3.8?

unbolt the old one bolt on the new one

1994 Pontiac gran am lose power?

coil pack

How do you remove 2001 Pontiac gran prix gtp?

remove what?

Will a automatic transmission out of a 1990 Pontiac Gran Prix fit into a 1993 Pontiac Gran Prix with the same engine?

yes it will as long as they both are overdrive transmissions i just did it two weeks ago

What are the ratings and certificates for Gran Turismo - 1998 VG?

Gran Turismo - 1998 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:E

The car GTO by Pontiac what does the GTO stand for?

Gran Turismo Omologato

Where is the power steering for 2004 Pontiac gran prix?

I Have No Idea. lol

How do you unlock the radio for your 2002 Pontiac gran prix gt when you take the battery out?

You can call the dealership. Just call the parts dept. Read them your vin, then they will give you the code. Hope it helps! D

How do you remove the window crank from a 1998 Pontiac Gran Am?

You can get a Window handle remover from an automotive parts store that'll help remove a clip that holds on the handle. With this you can remove the clip and then the handle.

Is there inertia switch on 1998 Pontiac Gran Prix?

no GM uses an oil pressure shutoff switch tied in the fuel pump circut so if you do not have oil pressure then the car will not start

Where is check engine light at on Pontiac gran prix 2001?

Right there in the instrument cluster. Turn on the ignition switch but do not start the engine. The check engine light will stay on. If you do not see it then the bulb is burnt out or has been removed.

What type of ENGINE oil does a 2002 Pontiac gran prix use?


Where do you add power steering fluid to 2007 Pontiac grand prix?

where to put power steering in a 2007 Pontiac gran prix

What would cause the headlights to go out when the blower is turned on In a 99 Pontiac Gran Prix LE The blower also doesn't come on?

it could be your battery,electrick system or fuses have those things looked at to start.

What would make a whinning noise when accelerating a 2004 Pontiac gran prix?

your wife

When was Gran Turismo - album - created?

Gran Turismo - album - was created on 1998-10-01.

What does gto stand for on a pontiac?

gran tourismo omologato a standard car with factory modifications that is approved (omologato) to be entered in the gran tourismo series of motor racing

What does the lj stand for in Pontiac grand prix lj?

What does the lj stand for in gran prix lj!