Peugeot 106
Hannah Montana

Why does the PAS not activate on a Peugeot 106 on ignition when reversing but only when it starts going forward?


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2007-11-06 17:07:05
2007-11-06 17:07:05

Difficult to diagnose a problem without seeing the car,

Sound like it could be an electrical problem as the power steering on the 106 is supplied via an electric motor mounted in the NSF of the engine bay.

I would start by checking the connectors and wiring around the battery and inner wing area as the movement of the engine could creating a bad connection, also he 106 suffered with water ingress problems in the black electrical connector also mounted on the NSF inner wing low down near the bottom of the radiator, check for corrosion on the electrical terminals.

If you are still unable to locate the fault I would advise seeking professional advice as this could be a difficult fault to locate.


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